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Heroin Epidemic in New Hampshire

Over the last several years, the tiny state of New Hampshire has been devastated by heroin abuse. More than 400 residents died in 2015. Nonfatal episodes have strained emergency crews, hospital workers and public safety agencies.

This tragic epidemic reflects heroin’s power to addict even recreational and first-time users.

In a Bad Place

Maybe your heroin habit was set in motion when an accident or surgery required prescription painkillers. Maybe you just wanted to experience something new. You never intended to get hooked, but now life is spinning out of control. Your health is declining. You’re low on cash or unemployed. Your relationships have suffered.

Getting off heroin is tough, but it’s far from impossible. We’re glad that you found us. Professional help is the best route to recovery, and we’re confident that we can help you heal.

In a Safe Place

Heroin detox isn’t nearly as bad as it’s portrayed in the movies. You may be physically uncomfortable or have mood swings for a few days, but replenished nutrition and caring support will see you through.

Once you’re stabilized and able to focus all of your energy on recovery, we’ll evaluate your needs and recommend a treatment plan. We’ll consider your mental health history, past and present family relationships, emotional state and other factors that contribute to addiction.

Rehab is a safe place to be yourself. Our behavioral therapists specialize in substance abuse, so they already know what you’re going through. They’ll teach you better ways of dealing with stress, depression and disappointment. In group meetings, you can openly share your struggles. Other heroin addicts in later stages of recovery will listen with compassion and offer advice.

We keep our treatment plans flexible. Faith-based programs, family counseling and holistic methods are just a few options that we offer. Vocational services and legal help are available. You may also choose yoga, exercise or nutrition classes.

As you socialize with people who are staying sober, you’ll see that it’s possible to live in happiness, freedom and safety.

On the Right Path

Over 400 people in New Hampshire were just one call away from help. Don’t wait another day—wellness is a lifelong journey, but one step will set you on the right path.

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