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Heroin Detox Schedule and Taper With Treatment

A concept for detox and treatment of heroin abuse is to taper the use of the drug of choice rather than introduce new drugs to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Along with the start of treatment, this can be an effective method for severe addictions.

Detox is the Beginning

Detox can be extremely painful and difficult for some recovering addicts. The symptoms can be severe. One approach to reducing the discomfort of withdrawal is to taper the drug rather than stop. Stopping will bring on withdrawal symptoms and powerful cravings. Tapering can avoid those situations because the body and brain get a slow reduction of the drug rather than a sudden stoppage. A sudden stoppage can lead to severe withdrawal and in some cases a harmful shock to the critical body systems.

Treatment is the Key

Therapy for drug abuse is the key; it is the road to learning to live without drugs. Therapy can begin immediately during the taper period. Inpatient settings provide an excellent opportunity to isolate the life issues and triggers that contribute to drug use. Inpatient settings can provide medical supervision over detox as well additional security of limiting access to people and places that were part of the drug abuse patterns.

The Whole Person

Therapy must assess the whole person and not just the addiction. Sometimes, one must identify and treat two conditions. Dual diagnosis is a necessary part of finding long-term success. When more than one condition contributes to drug abuse, then one must treat both conditions.

Call Us, We Can Help

There is no single way to treat drug usage, and heroin abuse can be a very difficult addiction to overcome. Heroin addiction involves the length of the addiction and the tolerance one develops for the amount of heroin. Detox by itself is not a cure; it performs the important task of cleansing and getting the body and brain turned back towards its normal states. We can match the addict and the addiction to resources that offer the best possible chance for success. Call us when you or a loved one decides to get off the dangerous path of heroin or other drug abuse. We can help get the resources needed to succeed. Call us today; we can help put you or your loved on the path to clean living.

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