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Going To Detox In Order To Avoid the Pain of Quitting Cold Turkey

Quitting drugs with cold turkey methods is ineffective and dangerous, and that is why you should participate in a professional detoxification program before going to a residential rehabilitation facility. Long-term substance abuse changes the chemicals throughout your body, and when you stop taking an illegal substance, there are serious side effects such as heavy perspiration, heartbeat abnormalities and frequent vomiting. All of these side effects can lead to dangerous problems such as cardiac arrest or dehydration.

Avoid a Relapse

If an addict is not taken care of during their detoxification, then they can have a medical emergency with no one there to help them. In some cases, an addict is able to stop using a drug for a day or two, but they relapse and inadvertently take a large dose of a drug. An overdose is likely because their body has started to adjust to not having the substance, and this situation often leads to death for an addict.

Prevent Medical Complications during Detoxification

For most addicts, withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification phase are unbearable due to the muscle cramping, chills and physical shaking. Some individuals are at high-risk for complications from a cold turkey process because they have medical conditions that can lead to sudden death when their breathing or heartbeat is interrupted. In the past, a cold turkey detoxification was the only method available and it often involved locking an addict in a room or strapping them to a bed.

Receive Prescription Medication to Relieve Symptoms

Today, when an addict wants to enter a rehabilitation facility, they begin a detoxification program automatically. Depending on the addictive substance, detoxification can last up to one week before a recovering addict transitions to a residential program. Instead of suffering with severe withdrawal symptoms during detoxification, clients are provided with prescription medications that reduce their pain.

Call Us to Enter a Detox and Rehab Program

Addicts who have heard horror stories about detoxification using cold turkey methods should contact one of our counselors today to learn how the process is easier with assistance from professionals. Our counselors can find the perfect detox center and rehab facility for your needs based on the type of drug you use, co-occurring conditions and other factors such as age or gender.

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