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If I Go To Rehab, Do I Have To Pay Off My Dealer What I Owe?

It is important to tie up loose ends before you go to rehab. Making sure that your household bills will be paid, your pets and kids will be cared for and that your work knows you will be away are all things you may have to do. While getting ready for rehab, you may also feel obligated to pay off your dealer. Whether this is due to good intentions or a little bit of fear, here is what you need to know about paying your dealer what you owe.

The Problem with Paying

Dealers are a unique breed, and most run their operation like a business. This means that they do expect to be paid, but they also do not like to lose a customer. Going back to pay your dealer means that you will be putting yourself in a position to be sold to “one last time”. Since even being around drugs is a danger to your sobriety, stepping foot near the dealer puts you at risk for relapse. For this reason, it is best to skip that final payment to the dealer, and focus on going to rehab.

How to Get Away

For the best chances of recovery, it is important to break away from everyone that is involved in the lifestyle. This means that your dealer and anyone who is associated with your dealer will be off limits. If you are worried about someone following you, then you can rest assured that treatment programs are designed for security. This means that you can expect your stay to be confidential, and that the staff will ensure that you only receive visitors that you approve. If you have particular concerns about privacy, however, we can help you find a treatment program in a long-distance location that will be extremely safe.

Staying Safe After Treatment

Once you have completed your treatment, you will probably be returning to your old neighborhood. Most likely, your dealer will have moved on, and they will not try to collect what you owe. If they do, then avoid dealing with them directly, and call for back up from the police if it is necessary. It is also important to continue to stay away from your former circle, and instead focus on making new friends that are committed to sobriety.

Going to rehab requires some planning, but it is best to leave paying your dealer off of your agenda. By choosing to avoid negative influences, you can enter your rehab with a fresh mind that is set on sobriety.

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