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Financial Aid With Blue Cross Insurance for Addiction Recovery

There is no question that drug addictions are fast becoming one of the worst medical problems there is. Like any other serious disease, once a person has developed a dependency to any illegal drug or other affliction, such as anorexia or bulimia, the treatment process can be long and arduous. Rehabilitation programs are not inexpensive but crucially necessary if there is hope to overcome any addiction.

What Causes Drug Addiction?

As odd as it may seem there is no single factor that will determine if a person will fall prey to drug addiction. It is known that a number of different things can play a role in becoming dependent on drugs. Some are genetically predisposed, while others are influenced by peer pressure, stress, abuse, or even poor parenting. Despite the cause, the outcome remains the same; addiction.

The Advantage of Insurance Coverage

It is not for us to determine how or why any one person becomes dependent on drugs or other forms of self destruction. Yet, for those fortunate enough to have insurance coverage with us, one can rest assured that the burden of paying for treatment is our way of aiding you in overcoming your problem. We have no doubt that there are many who are advocates of self-help, but believe us when we say that battling afflictions such as this are much more likely to be successful when trained professionals are in the corner with you. They are those men and women trained in their field, the same as a doctor who specializes in heart disease or diabetes.

How Rehab Insurance Works

Like most insurances, there are a number of variables involved in the coverage Blue Cross offers. BCBS first has to take into consideration the type of policy you have. Most all policyholders are covered for chemical dependence and mental health issues. The amount of money a company will pay depends on whether you need in hospital counseling or out-patient counseling. Here again, each type of treatment cost will vary from place to place. These are all part of the determining factors in how much of the per day cost a policy will carry, over and above the policyholder’s co-pay. Programs typically range from 30, to 60, to 90 days in length.

Insurance Offers Extended Treatment

Like any other disease, we realize that a relapse can occur. This does not mean that you have failed in your treatment, only that treatment needs to begin anew and give you the extra help that you need. A rough estimate would be that 600 billion dollars are spent each and every year for illicit drug use, so one can easily understand the difficulty of the task we are up against. Yet we also recognize that treatment works, allowing those suffering from addiction and mental disorders the opportunity they are seeking to live long and productive lives.

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