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How Family History Affects Addiction

Research reveals that there is a genetic and situational connection between your family and an addiction to alcohol or illegal drugs. Physicians and psychologists are still trying to understand why addiction is more common in some family groups in order to prevent the problem from occurring in future generations.

The Availability of Alcohol and Drugs In a Home

Your family may have had alcohol available in your home, leading to easy access to a glass of wine or whiskey at anytime. This type of family does not keep track of who is drinking alcohol, and anyone may consume a beverage during the day or evening on a regular basis. Other families keep a few bottles of liquor in a locked cabinet to ensure that a teenager or child does not have access to alcohol. You may also have a relative who buys a bottle of wine for a special occasion or who orders a glass of beer at a restaurant.

Addicts Often Repeat the Patterns of Their Families

An individual who sees family members drinking large amounts of alcohol frequently are more likely to begin the same habit at a young age. If your parents and relatives consumed wine or beer only on special occasions such as a birthday or holiday, then that is the pattern that you will probably follow throughout your lifetime. When your family had a healthy relationship with alcohol, this typically means that you also learned how to use medications appropriately, ensuring that you have avoided illegal drugs.

You Might Try to Act Like Your Addictive Family

It is normal to act the same way that your family does, and if you don’t, then you can fill like an outsider. Many individuals who become addicts began to drink alcohol or use illegal drugs at a young age in order to fit in with their siblings or cousins. By going against the social norm in your family, you risk rejection by relatives who are substance abusers. However, you may also have seen the devastating effects of long-term addiction in your family with problems such as multiple marriages, incarceration or early death.

Begin Rehabilitation to Overcome an Addiction

Despite having a family history of addiction in your family group, you can overcome substance abuse by entering a residential rehabilitation facility. Our counselors are ready to help clients who have a genetic predisposition toward drug or alcohol addiction.

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