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Every Addict Regrets Not Doing This Sooner

After working with drug addicts for many years, our counselors know that our clients regret not contacting us sooner for assistance with overcoming their addiction. An addiction becomes more difficult to overcome after long-term use, and there are more risks from health complications or a deadly overdose.

The Levels of Care Available in Rehabilitation Facilities

In some cases, we recommend that you stay at a rehabilitation facility that specializes in treating certain types of addiction. In addition, you might want to choose a gender-specific program designed for women or men. There are also programs for individuals who want to live in a Christian or holistic environment.

Who will know about Your Treatment?

There are laws that regulate the privacy concerning your medical treatments, including drug rehabilitation. Of course, our office staff must contact your insurance providers, and we recommend that you tell relatives and friends about where you are going for 30 to 60 days. You will interact with other clients in the rehabilitation facility, but privacy is stressed.

Who Will Answer Your Questions about Treatment for Addiction?

Anyone wanting to undergo treatment for drug addiction has a lot of questions. The counselors working for a rehabilitation facility can send you an email containing the basic information about treatment plans and facility policies. When you need more information, you are welcome to ask questions before entering a rehabilitation program.

How Can a Client Pay for Rehabilitation?

One of the main reasons that clients avoid entering detox and rehabilitation is because of the worries about paying for treatment. There is a good chance that the medical insurance provided by an employer offers partial reimbursement for treatment. You can also apply for government assistance or scholarships, and we can arrange monthly payment plans.

What Happens after Rehabilitation Treatment is Over?

After you have completed 30 to 60 days in a facility, it is time to begin outpatient or sober house living therapy. This type of program gives you more independence to find a new job or a place to live. You will continue to attend daily 12-step meetings with other recovering addicts to prevent a relapse.

Begin a New Life

It is possible to begin a new life today to avoid having any more regrets about your drug addiction. Call us today to arrange an individualized treatment program in one of our drug addiction facilities.

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