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Drug Rehab: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When clients contact us about entering a drug rehabilitation facility, we might recommend a place that accepts a few clients at a time. There are excellent benefits from undergoing drug addiction treatment at a smaller center where there is daily one-on-one counseling instead of large group meetings.

The Level of Care in Small Rehabilitation Facilities

If you are the type of person who feels anxious around a lot of new people, then a small facility that accepts only a few patients at a time can make you more comfortable. You will have the time to get to know the counselors better to design a personalized treatment plan that meets your particular goals for recovery.

A Small Facility is More Private

While counselors must keep your medical information as private as possible, there are other clients in a facility. You are going to associate with other recovering addicts in group counseling sessions and common areas such as dining rooms. In a more exclusive facility, there are fewer strangers to deal with on a daily basis.

How to Get Information about Treatment in an Exclusive Facility

When you are interested in undergoing drug addiction treatment in an exclusive facility, you must tell the intake counselors about your plans. There are fewer exclusive facilities for drug rehabilitation, and you may need to wait longer for an available space in a program, but make sure to discuss these issues with a counselor before making a decision.

What is the Cost of Rehabilitation in a Smaller Facility?

The cost of undergoing treatment is likely higher in an exclusive facility, but it is often more effective for your particular needs. Most individuals entering a drug rehabilitation program pay for services with several methods such as monthly payments and private insurance.

Where does a Recovering Addict Go after Rehabilitation?

After completing your drug rehabilitation program, we recommend aftercare by living in a sober house for 30 days before transitioning back into the real world. Another option is enrolling in an outpatient program that is located near your home.

Get Help for an Addiction Today

If you are interested in a rehabilitation program in a small facility, then the time to contact us for assistance is today. When you are delaying treatment due to fears of living in a crowded environment, talk to us about your options at an exclusive facility.

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