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Drug Rehab: Unexpected Ways To Use Your Health Insurance

Our drug rehabilitation facility understands that addiction can happen to anyone despite socioeconomic status, age or gender. You might realize that substance abuse is a problem in your life when drug use begins to interfere with job performance or personal relationships. You may have considered seeking help but have fears about the cost of detoxification and rehabilitation treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Prevents Complications

Fortunately, there are private and public insurance programs available to help pay for the cost of treatment at one of our substance abuse rehabilitation facilities. You may have heard that private or employer-sponsored insurance providers will not approve reimbursement for a substance abuse rehabilitation program, but today, addiction is considered a medical condition that is often covered by insurance.

The counseling received at a rehabilitation facility is considered precautionary treatment to avoid complications that are often a result of long-term drug use. Detoxification and rehabilitation can help you to avoid serious physical and mental illnesses such as liver disease, seizures or depression. Insurance providers know that helping a substance abuser now is more cost-effective than waiting until a serious life-threatening illness occurs.

Financial Assistance is Available for Substance Abuse Treatment

If you have health insurance from an employer or pay for a policy on your own, then contact the company to learn about its coverage for substance abuse programs. Remember that any questions asked are 100 percent confidential and are never revealed to your boss or coworkers. In many cases, you will learn that your insurance policy provides full or partial reimbursement for treatment at either an outpatient or residential facility.

Our drug rehabilitation facilities understand that private insurance may not pay the total cost of your residential treatment for 30 to 90 days. That is why our staff is able to apply to public insurance programs on your behalf in order to pay for the cost of treatment. Because the application process requires time, it is important for you to contact a rehabilitation facility as quickly as possible.

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We also have access to information concerning state and federal funding for substance abuse treatment in an outpatient or residential program. Our intake counselors can apply for funding from various organizations that supply money for drug abuse rehabilitation. The cost of your treatment is typically covered by an assortment of funding options.

No matter whether you have health insurance through an employer or pay for private insurance, we can contact a provider to determine how it helps to pay for a drug detoxification and rehabilitation program. Do not allow financial concerns to stop you from entering one of the most successful outpatient or residential treatment programs that provides personalized care.

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