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Drug Rehab: Three Reasons To Go Now!

Entering drug rehab is both a challenge and a test. From the first moment, one takes an active step to regain control over one’s life. Yet, there are doubts and worries about the outcome and the powerful feelings and symptoms that come with change. With every doubt considered, there are at least three very good reasons to go into drug rehab today.

The Risks of Injury

The use of illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol presents risks of injury to vital organs and the brain. Drug usage changes the brain and body chemistry in ways that can be irreversible. Research has linked alcohol abuse to kidney and liver damage. Many people encounter diminished health and shortened lives as a result of drug and alcohol use. The risks come with every day of continued addiction. It is only when one turns to treatment that the odds change for good health and long life.

Entanglements with Law Enforcement

Illegal drug usage and prescription abuse create risks of arrest and criminal charges. When connected with driving a vehicle, DUI and DWI charged can change one’s life for the worse including loss of job and driving privileges. Legal entanglements carry the risk of loss of freedom; criminal records will reduce future prospects for jobs and careers. Fortunately, many areas practice diversion for drug dependent defendants; however, avoiding the criminal process is a much better solution. Rehab is a better choice.

Obamacare Benefits

The Affordable Care Act changed health care in the US and made addiction a treatable disease. It requires all health plans to offer screening and detection services along with treatment for addictions. Financing rehab is more manageable with resources from Obamacare and Medicaid expansion than before the Congress passed the Act. Health insurance plans cover addiction in much the same ways as other illnesses. The goal of treatment of addiction as an illness is also to remove the stigma associated with getting treatment. No one is ashamed of the flu; one must treat diseases, or they get worse. The change in public attitude towards rehab is a great reason to get into rehab today.

Call Us for Help

Entering drug treatment is a vital decision for health and safety. The risks of severe injury and damage to health go with every day of drug or alcohol abuse. Delay can be costly, and the harms can be irreversible. The benefits of treatment include improved health, reclaiming family connections, and resuming a productive lifestyle. Call us today; we can help.

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