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Do All Drug Addicts Contemplate Suicide?

Having an addict in one’s care can be frustrating due to the constant worry about what could happen to them. The fear of getting word that they were involved in a serious accident, got injured or suffered an overdose is peak. Rare is the worry that the addict could take their own life. For this reason, a lot of focus is put on trying to help the addict get out of the drug addiction, and very little is done to prevent suicide.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse, a Suicide Risk Factor

The number one risk factor of suicide is depression. Alcohol and drug abuse follows closely at second even without depression. In fact, recent researches done have shown that psychiatric diagnosis is not as strong a predictor of suicide as alcoholism is. Drug addiction highly increases the chance that one will take their own life. In addition to that, some use it as a means of committing suicide.

Why drug Use May Lead to Suicidal Thoughts

Most people who abuse alcohol and drugs do so to escape the world of depression or anxiety. This is proven by the fact that depression is four times higher in addicts. After a fix of the abused drug, the problem seems to go away, but only for the short period the drug is still in the system after which the user goes back to the same dark place, sometimes even darker than it was before using the drug. In this dark abyss, suicidal thoughts creep into their mind. Under the influence of drugs, they lose their self-control and may do things they wouldn’t normally do when sober. Their thoughts are amplified and in case of suicidal thoughts, they may actually act on it. Those going through rough times in life such as mourning the death of a loved one, entering or leaving treatment or going through a relapse are especially vulnerable.

Suicidal thoughts can also creep into a drug addicts mind when the consequences of addiction hit hard. Such consequences include damaged relationships, job loss and financial ruin. These cause the addict to lose of hope of things ever getting better, and to them it seems that the only way to get out of the mess is death.

Drug Addicts and Suicide Contemplation

Drug addicts are likely to contemplate suicide at some point of their addiction, especially when they feel all hope is lost. While others may not go through with their thoughts, others might commit suicide. It is therefore important that anyone who cares for an addict is careful. Addiction can be overcome and those living with addicts can help them through that path and save that life from a tragic ending. This emphasizes on the need to check into a rehab center in a quiet and relaxed environment, away from the stress causing factors.

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