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Why Doctor’s Continue To Prescribe Addictive Pain Pills

Prescription painkillers are a major pathway to opioid addictions in the US. The drugs are powerful and prone to form addictions in users. However, by prescribing these powerful medicines with spare controls for the amounts, they fall easily into the hands of abusers. Today in the US, many public health authorities report opioid usage at epidemic levels.

Benefits of Pain Killers

No one denies the benefits of powerful painkillers in patients with short or long term conditions that require extreme levels of pain relief. Addiction is a well-warned side effect of using these powerful painkillers. Doctors and patients must work together to manage the risks of addiction; doctors must weigh the possibility of addiction when prescribing the medications.

Taken as Directed

Most users do not get addicted to their painkiller medications. These people experience side effects that suggest the possibility. For example, many strong opioid painkillers have the side effect of relieving anxiety. This side effect can become attractive to users who experience periods of carefree, lighter moods. Taken as directed, some users will have intense feelings that they associate with the painkiller.

Easy to Abuse

The powerful feelings generated by painkillers come when users change the dosages and the manner of intake. Increased dosages taken by IV or example can generate an intense feeling of euphoria and this is the threshold for addiction for many opioids. Among those with high rates of abuse are OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet.

Annual Production Is too High

Critics note that there are high rates of abuse and diversion of many prescription painkillers. They also note that annual production is hard to estimate for these drugs but that it appears far higher than the expected rate of prescription.

Call Us; We can Help Painkiller Addictions

Painkiller addictions are among the most difficult to treat. The drugs are powerful and they attach to parts of the brain and cause changes. The best chance for successful detox and treatment begins with finding the right resources. The addiction is prone to cause severe withdrawal symptoms. We base our assessment on the addiction and the life situation involved. Call us; we can help find the program resources to turn a difficult addiction around. Call us; we can help you or your loved one today.

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