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Do I Need Rehab

When you are combating some type of substance abuse, or think that you may be currently experiencing this condition, you need to enroll in a rehab program. While you should make the final determination with a trained specialist or counselor, you can ask yourself some questions to get started.

Do I feel that I am addicted to the substance?

If the answer is a resounding yes, then you absolutely need to seek out the services of a professional rehabilitation facility as soon as possible. Combating an addiction by yourself is often overwhelming. Many people who set out to do it fail because they do not know the appropriate methods to stay away from the substance and to prevent relapse.

Have you been to rehab before and relapsed?

Perhaps you have already gone the rehabilitation route, but you’ve just found yourself using the same substances again. Instead of giving up, provide yourself with another opportunity. Sometimes, it takes more than one try to get it right. This next go-around can be the time when you really make a difference.

Are relatives and friends telling you that you should attend rehab?

While you might have staunch opinions about other people telling you what to do, consider the reasons why your relatives and friends are saying these things to do. Chances are, they aren’t just randomly deciding to tell you that they think you need rehab.

Do you cause pain and agony to other people when you use the substance?

Not only do you need to think about how often you use the substance, but you also must examine how you behave when you are on it. Some people who are addicted will abuse relatives and friends. Remember, that abuse can come in a variety of forms. It might be physical, but it could also be mental or emotional.

Is the substance illegal?

Drinking alcohol once in awhile is generally not a problem as long as you aren’t abusing it or engaging in risky behavior, like driving, after doing so. Yet when you have problems with illegal substances, or if you are abusing prescription pills, going to rehab may be your only hope of recovery.

Am you hurting your children?

It’s possible that you are abusing your children when you are drunk or high, but you could be hurting them in different ways. Think of the long-term effects that growing up in a household with a parent who abuses substances could have on your kids. Even if you are supporting them now, you could seriously hurt them in the long run.

Have you ever sold this substance?

Not only do you need to consider the immediate ramifications of your actions, but you also have to think about whether or not your actions could end you up in prison. If you have started selling drugs as a way to support your habit, heading to rehab is the right idea.

Do you become angry if your substance of choice isn’t available?

When you go out to social events, you may immediately begin searching for your substance of choice. For example, some people are perfectly content to attend a party without alcohol, but if you refuse to go when alcohol isn’t served, you likely have a larger problem than you realize.

Are you driving under the influence?

Going out means that you have two safe options. You can drink and ask someone else to drive, or you can stay sober and drive. If you are so addicted to your habit that you put your life, and the life of everyone on the road at risk, you must reconsider what you’re doing.

Are you experiencing financial difficulty because of the substance?

In order to keep using your substance of choice, you need to pay for it, and that means you may be depleting funds from your bank account. In fact, you might be pulling money from accounts that are supposed to save you and your children funds for the future.

Have you been arrested because of my addiction?

Evaluating the types of serious trouble that your addiction has gotten you into in the past can help you decide to seek out rehab. Now, if you have overcame your battles since your last arrest that is different, but it is possible that you’re still on the same deleterious path.

Do you rarely feel drunk or high even though you consume a lot of your chosen substance?

When you abuse a substance time and time again, your body builds up some sort of resistance to it. Even though you once felt as though a smaller amount would get you drunk or high, now you barely feel it at all. It may take mass quantities of the substance for you to feel the effects.

Do you feel the need to use your substance of choice in secret?

When you are hiding something from the people whom you love, that’s usually indicative of a problem. You’re embarrassed by how much you use the substance and how badly you need rehab, so you sneak away from your relatives and friends.

Have you ever stolen to support your habit?

As the funds begin to run low, you may wonder what you’re going to do to make sure your habit is supported. In extreme cases, you may result to stealing money from people or items that you could sell to get cash for your addiction.

Has a counselor or doctor recommended that you go to rehab?

In some cases, your doctor, counselor or therapist may notice a problem before you do. When a professional is recommending that you seek out assistance, you should open up your ears to this valuable advice.

Have people in your life abandoned me because of this problem?

While you might think of it as abandonment, they probably thought of it as self-preservation. Whether your parents have stopped talking to you, your siblings have cut off all contact or your spouse is filing for divorce, these issues are signs of a problem.

Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms when you’ve tried to quit?

Perhaps you have attempted to quit your addiction in the past, and your body was met with some extreme withdrawal symptoms. As a result, you have shied away from trying again. Professionals at the rehab centers will help you get through withdrawal symptoms.

Do you regret things that you do when you are drunk or high?

Think about the last time that you regretted something you said or did while drunk or high. While most people do have regrets from time to time, you should not be racking them up when you’re under the influence.

Do you black-out on a regular basis?

Blackouts means that the entire night, or portions of the night, are erased from your memory. Just imagine how frightening it is to have your memory wiped out, and you’ll realize what the problems are with your substance abuse issues.

Have you recently been checking out rehab programs?

Sometimes, when you get lost on pages in the internet, your subconscious starts to take over. If you’ve recently noticed yourself paying more attention to pages and advertisements for rehab facilities, you might be ready.

Have your loved ones attempted to stage an intervention?

It’s also possible that your loved ones have gotten together as a unit and asked you to please consider rehab. When they took the time to orchestrate a formal event, you can feel confident that rehab is the right program for you.

Do you find that your body physically craves the substance?

You probably know what it is like to physically crave a food, whether ice cream, steak or pickles are your item of choice. In the event that you feel your body respond in the same way to drugs or alcohol, that’s a sign you have a major problem.

Do you prefer to spend time with people who also heavily use substances?

While you cannot always tell what a person is like from the individuals whom he or she is around, your group of friends is a fairly good indication of your own substance abuse issues.

Have you ruined your career or schooling because of the substance abuse?

Staying focused in school or maintaining a job are both difficult to do when you are suffering from a substance abuse issue. Failure to get help means that you could destroy your future.

Is your next fix the only thing on your mind?

A sure sign that you need to go to a rehab program is when your mind is constantly fixated on the drug of your choice. When you cannot think about anything other than the next time you are going to use this substance, you likely have a problem.

Do you feel as though your life is falling apart?

When you feel like your life is getting out of control because of the substance, rehab is likely the answer.