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Costs of Rehab That Aren’t Covered By Insurance

The national health care reform law has changed the insurance status of drug and alcohol addiction; they are deemed to be treatable diseases, and insurers must provide benefits similar to those for other comparable illnesses and health conditions. This change both reduces the stigma of drug or alcohol addiction and provides resources for detection and treatment. The required services include some at no extra costs to subscribers, however, the costs of rehab are not covered completely and the consumer costs and out of pocket expenses can be substantial.

Health Benefits

Health insurance provides some vital benefits for substance abuse, prescription drug abuse, and drug addiction at no extra costs to the policyholder or covered dependent. These essential benefits include screenings, emergency care, hospitalization, and related lab work. These include prevention and wellness steps like screenings, tests, and diagnosis. They include physical examinations and assessments of overall physical and mental health. The benefits apply to insurance for low-income persons such as state and federal Medicaid.

Costs of Rehab

Beyond the essential benefits at no charge, insurers charge for addiction services in similar ways as other diseases and conditions. These include deductibles, copayment, and coinsurance. There are other out-of-pocket expenses that insurers can charge up to the limit in the policy. Most insurance policies pay no benefits until subscribers reach the deductible amount

Seeking Treatment

We understand the importance of the decision to seek treatment. Addictions carry severe risks of legal complications, accidents, physical injury and other permanent damage to health and well-being. Treatment is a valuable opportunity to transform a life and start the long journey to a lifetime of sobriety and drug-free living. Call us when you, a family member, or a loved one decide to find a treatment and rehab program. We work with the leading insurance providers and have experience in the entire process of selecting and placement in the best possible treatment situation.

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Insurance coverage can make a great difference when trying to get the best possible treatment and rehabilitation services. One type of treatment does not fit all addictions, and the right match of facilities and treatment options will provide the best chance for successful rehab and long-term sobriety. Insurance coverage for rehab can vary by the policy and terms. We have experience working with the leading insurance providers and public programs. Call us for assistance with resources for treatment and rehab; we can help.


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