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Cost of Sober Living

Understanding the Cost of a Sober Living Home

If you are considering entering a sober living environment, then understanding the cost is imperative. After completing detoxification and rehabilitation, a transitional program for recovering addicts is recommended to reinforce good daily behaviors. In some cases, the counselors at a sober living facility focus on a particular type of addiction such as alcoholism or drug use. Residents live in the home with other individuals but are also transitioning to the outside world by leaving during the day to attend school or work. Upon returning, they are tested for substances to ensure they are sober and must attend 12-step meetings along with counseling sessions. Transitional living environments are now becoming an integral part of a substance abuser’s recovery to help avoid a relapse.

There is a Variety of Price Points for Sober Living Environments

There are a wide variety of costs for sober living environments that depend on the geographic location of the facility and the types of services provided. An exclusive sober living home can cost over $2000 per month because it has amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts and a hot tub while a lower priced facility will cost less than $800 each month. A low-cost environment might include sharing rooms with other residents and having responsibilities such as daily household chores to keep the facility clean. However, most sober living homes cost between $200 and $800 per month with a combination of amenities and responsibilities.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Fortunately, sober living homes often offer scholarships that are funded by grants and private donations. Government and private insurance is sometimes a resource that former addicts can use to pay the partial cost of their treatment. Most residents use financing from lenders to help pay for at least a 30-day stay to ensure their transition back into the outside environment is smoother. There are excellent benefits from residing in a sober living home, including:

  • Repairing relationships in the outside world to build new support
  • Arranging a new place to live to avoid returning to bad situations
  • Adjusting to the outside world gradually to avoid temptations
  • Help with a job hunt despite having a poor work record

Residents in Sober Living Homes Work Hard

The residents living in a sober living home are not on a vacation because their days are filled with hard work. Days typically begin with residents having an Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meeting while eating breakfast. Some residents might remain in the facility to attend one-on-one or group counseling sessions while others are preparing job resumes or searching for an apartment. Peer support from other residents and counselors can help a recovering addict avoid a relapse during this time. While the cost of staying in a sober living home may seem expensive, residents are combining to pay the salaries of professionals such as social workers, psychiatrists and administrative staff in addition to amenities that include prepared meals and fitness equipment.

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