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Trusted Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Programs in New Brunswick

For those who are searching for a New Brunswick rehab program, we offer support in finding a location that fits your individual needs. Whether you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, crystal meth, crack or cocaine, heroin, ecstasy or prescription meds, we can find a high-quality rehabilitation program for you.

With the help of our trusted service reps, we can help you make the most critical decisions about your rehab stay. For example, we can offer support when it comes to choosing your length of stay and program type. And we can also help you navigate your insurance options, which can be particularly confusing to many who have never dealt with insurance companies before. You first step toward sobriety won’t be a difficult one. Just start by calling our toll-free hotline directly. You’ll be able to speak with an experienced and qualified adviser over the phone. Remember, recovery happens a day at a time. Start making your way toward the finish line today.

Standard Listings

Damon House Inc

105 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 8901

New Brunswick Counseling Center

320 Suydam Street
New Brunswick, NJ 8901

New Hope Foundation Inc

2-4 Kirkpatrick Street
New Brunswick, NJ 8901


103 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, NJ 8903

Addiction and Recovery in New Brunswick, NJ

Addiction recovery is a national effort and there is an official addiction recovery month to boost the effort. The recognition of the importance or narcotics recovery and treatment is on display in local events and public education efforts. The campaign also attacks the stigma of addiction and encourages addicted and alcohol dependent persons to seek treatment. National Recovery Month promotes events and educational efforts by law enforcement and treatment providers. The effort promotes the importance of families and support systems to reinforce the benefits of treatment and therapy.

Addiction Recovery and Education

A new law could expand the number of state's high schools dedicated to helping young addicts in recovery. The pilot program provided education for recovering addicts and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The new law could create three additional locations to serve the needs of young recovering addicts. This new approach holds promise for helping young recovering addicts integrate the treatment process into the need to complete their educations and develop productive lives. The journey to sobriety is particularly difficult for young recovering addicts. They must learn new ways to make decisions that will keep them sober.

Help for New Brunswick Families

We can help New Brunswick families find the best resources to help their loved ones get treatment for alcohol and drug additions. The decision to enter treatment is an opportunity to reform an addict's life. The mission process is critical it needs a thorough assessment of the addict's life circumstances, and smooth admission process including financing and insurance coverage. We have experience working with the leading treatment providers and insurance companies. There is no better time to get treatment. Every day that passes, drug usage exposes the drug dependent member to the dangers of overdose and criminal involvement. Do not delay, call us today to help your loved ones get the treatment resources that they need.

Your Rehab Experience Should Be Private

Admitting that you have an addiction problem is the first step toward recovery and lifelong sobriety, but it can be a difficult one to make. Your next step will be choosing a rehab center that is right for you. Attending drug or alcohol rehabilitation is a highly private situation that should be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Those who are particularly worried about how confidential and private their treatment program will be may want to consider traveling out of town in order to seek treatment. In many cases, you might not need to travel very far to find a secluded enough location where you feel comfortable addressing your addiction problem.

On the other hand, outpatient treatment centers may need to be chosen based on how close they are to where you live. Because you'll be coming and going, having a nearby location for treatment will enable you to continue on with your life as usual. Our toll free hotline has representative standing by who can help you with this critical decision and let you know about local or distant rehab centers that will fit your needs.

Choosing Your Level of Care

One of the first decisions you will need to make about your rehabilitation concerns your level of care. In other words, you will need to make the decision between inpatient care and outpatient treatment. Both types of treatment have their own benefits, so it will ultimately come down to your choice and the suggestions made to you by your friends, family and therapists. Our knowledgeable representatives can also help you make this critical decision about your care.

How Long You Should Stay in Rehab

Deciding how long you should stay in treatment will change based on your specific needs. How your insurance is involved will also make a difference. If you have a serious addiction to certain drugs, an inpatient stay lasting 30 to 90 days might be in order, but if you have already completed a residential program, you might require a shorter stay. Talk to a representative about your needs.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

If you are experiencing the trials and tribulations of addiction, you are likely ready to kick this terrible habit that can literally leech the happiness from your life. The answer you have been looking for lies in rehab. To start your journey, you need knowledge and resources, and that is exactly what we have. Our experienced and qualified addiction advisers are standing by and waiting for your call. They can connect you with the rehab center that will change you for the better. What are you waiting for? Let us help you on your journey to a sober life.