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Trusted Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Middletown, New York

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Middletown

Are you looking for a drug and alcohol rehab program in Middletown? The first decision you’ll need to make will be between an outpatient and inpatient recovery method. There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to both methods of treatment. When choosing between an inpatient and outpatient treatment program, you should also decide on your length of stay and in what city you would like to attend treatment.

Throughout all of this, you should take into consideration how much your insurance company will be willing to cover based on your policy. And of course, you also need to think about any job, school or familial responsibilities that you have at home as this will influence where you attend rehab and whether or not you choose a residential program.

Does this sound daunting to you? Don’t let these choices hold you back from finding a rehab program that fits your needs. Drug rehab is key in quitting your addiction and finding your life again. Let us help. Call our hotline today to speak with one of our trusted representatives.

Standard Listings

Catholic Charities Community Servs of

305 North Street
Middletown, NY 10940

Orange Regional Family Program

420 East Main Street
Middletown, NY 10940

RC Ward Addiction Treatment Center

117 Seward Street
Middletown, NY 10940

Regional Economic Comm Action Program

40 Smith Street
Middletown, NY 10940

Restorative Management Corp OP 1

7 Railroad Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940

Addiction and Recovery in Middletown, NY

Drug abuse in Middletown is affecting a large portion of the population. A survey carried out shows that if it is not illicit drug abuse then it is prescription drugs that are the problem. Heroin use related deaths in the nation jumped by 39% from 2012 to 2013. The worrying trend is that 20% of all heroin seized in the nation traversed New York City.

If you are dealing with drug addiction then we understand how depressing it feels. You do not have to stay in that state as we are here to help. Rehabilitation is the only way you have from the hold drugs have over you.

Effects of Heroin

If you or your loved one are dealing with a drug related problem, then it is paramount you seek help as soon as possible. This is because drugs like heroin pose a risk to health. The short term effects of this drug include:

  • The rush immediately when the drug is taken
  • Clouded mental function
  • Slowed heart and breathing rate
  • Lowered body temperature
  • Drowsiness that lasts some hours
  • Itchiness

Once you get hooked to the drug you will suffer from reduced metal function. Your dependency will lead you to destroying your body’s immunity. When your body’s immunity is reduced you end up getting respiratory infections and being susceptible to other infections. Your gums and teeth get destroyed and you are susceptible to get liver disease. By using and sharing needles then you are at a risk of getting HIV/Aids. Heroin overdose is also fatal leading to coma or even death.

The Road to Recovery

Heroin may have imprisoned you and kept you lying to your loved ones and maybe even stealing to support your addiction. You do not have to live like this. The road to recovery may not be easy but with our support, you will take it one day at a time and recover your life. Let us help you. By accepting help from others, you show the strength you have within.

Your Rehab Experience Can Be Strictly Confidential

Along with the many struggles that those attending rehab must deal with, being wary of confidentiality is one that many addicts dwell on. It can be embarrassing to deal openly with an addiction, and it is your prerogative to be private about attending a treatment facility. As a solution, if you choose to travel to a treatment center for rehab, there is often less of a need to worry on this matter. For a period of time, you will be able to distance yourself from your place of employment or school and the often-prying eyes of those you know.

If you are interested in the solution to travel for your drug or alcohol addiction recovery in order to have a more private experience, let us know. Many alcohol and drug rehab facilities offer arrangements that can help you make your recovery experience more personal and private. We know that this can be a difficult decision to make, and we want to be there for you to offer support during this critical period. You can reach a helpful representative at any time by calling our toll-free number.

Deciding Over Outpatient and Inpatient Care

Everyone's experience with addiction is different, and as such, each person will make a different choice between inpatient and outpatient care. Some individuals will need to spend all their time on a rehab campus to fully recover. This is often true when addictions are especially serious or outpatient rehab has not worked in the past. For others, outpatient care will provide the same success rates, and patients will be allowed to continue on with their daily lives.

How Long Does Addiction Recovery Typically Take?

The time allotted for addiction recovery varies from person to person. Factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on how long your rehab stay should be include what drugs you're addicted to and how far that addiction has gone. You should also take into consideration what your insurance company will cover in terms of rehabilitation. Speaking with one of our knowledgeable representatives will help you make the right decision for you on length of stay.

Allow Us to Help You Find a Rehab Program

Are you tired of a life that is being ruined by addiction to drugs or alcohol? If you've had enough of this terrible disease, a top quality drug rehabilitation center can help you get back on your feet. Wouldn't it be nice to return to the life you want had? Not only that, but a great rehab program will also help you improve your life. With the counseling and therapy you’ll receive during your recovery, you’ll have the tools and advice you’ll need to start fresh. Begin as soon as possible by giving us a call and getting the wheels of recovery in motion.