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Trusted Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Malibu, California

Are you looking for a drug and alcohol rehab program in Malibu? The first decision you’ll need to make will be between an outpatient and inpatient recovery method. There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to both methods of treatment. When choosing between an inpatient and outpatient treatment program, you should also decide on your length of stay and in what city you would like to attend treatment.

Throughout all of this, you should take into consideration how much your insurance company will be willing to cover based on your policy. And of course, you also need to think about any job, school or familial responsibilities that you have at home as this will influence where you attend rehab and whether or not you choose a residential program.

Does this sound daunting to you? Don’t let these choices hold you back from finding a rehab program that fits your needs. Drug rehab is key in quitting your addiction and finding your life again. Let us help. Call our hotline today to speak with one of our trusted representatives.

Standard Listings

Journey Malibu

22516 Carbon Mesa Road
Malibu, CA 90265

Malibu Horizon

265 South Westlake Boulevard
Malibu, CA 90265


6428 Meadows Court
Malibu, CA 90265

Soba Recovery Center

22669 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

Sunset Malibu

30042 Andromeda Lane
Malibu, CA 90265

Westside Sober Living Centers Inc

20725 Rockcrost Drive
Malibu, CA 90265

Find a Local Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu, CA

The beautiful city of Malibu, CA has a dark side to it. Drug abuse is a pervasive problem in this area of California, and alcohol is the other side of this coin. The city is often visited for parties, clubs and bar hopping, and as such, drunk driving is a serious issue that is continually being addressed by local law enforcement.

Learn About the Importance of Aftercare

During rehabilitation, you will be put through a lot. Therapy will help you get to the foundation of your addiction, and detox will take you off drugs completely. But getting sober and situated while you are checked into a rehab facility is much different than staying sober while outside of rehab. Here are some of the teachings you will learn to prepare you for life after rehab.

  • How to handle stress and anxiety from daily life without turning to drugs or alcohol
  • How to relate to others and have fun socially without using drugs or alcohol
  • How to find places to spend your time that are drug free
  • How to find other people who are sober like you
  • How to manage your time, finances and other aspects of your life

Invest in Your Life by Investing in Rehab

Many people don’t feel that they deserve to get the help they need. This guilt trap is a problem that many addicts face. In fact, it is something that causes a lot of those struggling with drugs to never seek treatment.

Don’t allow yourself to become one of these individuals. You deserve all the help you can get, and you definitely deserve to get better. Let us help you find a rehab facility that can get you there.

Should You Travel for Treatment?

For many of those addicted to drugs or alcohol, your first course of action will be in deciding geographically where you want to attend treatment. While those who are interested in outpatient care will be best served by attending a treatment center in their hometown, those who are concerned about privacy or who need to make special arrangements for their care may be interested in going to surrounding cities and traveling for treatment.

For example, you may prefer a faith-based approach to recovery that matches your religious choices. In other situations, your choice of drug and alcohol rehab center may be solely based on how holistic the center’s approach to recovery is. In either of these cases, travel may be necessary in order to fulfill your personal requirements for treatment. We can help you make the decision on whether or not travel for treatment will be the right choice for you or your loved one. At your convenience, please call our toll-free number to speak with a representative who can help you make these critical decisions and others as well.

The Key Differences Between Levels of Care

You will be required to decide between inpatient and outpatient treatment before you are admitted to a treatment program. There are key differences between these two levels of care. For example, if you have children that you need to take care of or a job you can't take time off from, outpatient care maybe best for you. While this is true for some individuals, inpatient care can ultimately be beneficial for others if their addiction is severe.

Choosing Your Length of Stay

As you make your way into your chosen rehabilitation program, you will likely be concerned with how long you should stay in treatment. This is a critical decision that will inevitably influence your lasting recovery, so it is very important that you take your time when deciding. One of our professional and experienced representatives can help you make this decision, and they will also help you figure out how your insurance may play a role.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

If you are experiencing the trials and tribulations of addiction, you are likely ready to kick this terrible habit that can literally leech the happiness from your life. The answer you have been looking for lies in rehab. To start your journey, you need knowledge and resources, and that is exactly what we have. Our experienced and qualified addiction advisers are standing by and waiting for your call. They can connect you with the rehab center that will change you for the better. What are you waiting for? Let us help you on your journey to a sober life.