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Trusted Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Fort Lee, Virginia

The first step toward recovery from addiction is admitting there is a problem in the first place. Even though you will be faced many challenges and difficulties, this step is likely the biggest and hardest one you will take on your path to recovery. This is because it involves accepting your addiction entirely. Whether you have made this decision yet or not, if you are struggling with substance abuse or know someone close to you who is, drug or alcohol rehab should be in your future. In that case, you’ll need to find a treatment center.

One way to find a treatment center that fits your needs is to read reviews and recommendations from those who have attended the facilities you’re looking at in the past. Additionally, you can also call us directly to speak with a helpful representative about locating a Fort Lee treatment facility that will be ideal for you. Many times, representatives have dealt with addiction themselves and can relate to your struggle as they help you.

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Army Substance Abuse Program

701 27th Street
Fort Lee, VA 23801

Find a Top Notch Addiction Treatment Facility Near Fort Lee, NJ

A Fort Lee, NJ resident was arrested recently when he was found to be selling marijuana with cookies and other baked goods. The man was selling these items out of his home, and a large amount of drugs were seized from the residence when he was arrested.


Drugs are a major problem in this part of New Jersey, and Fort Lee has had many incidences just like the one described above. Often, the drugs that cause problems are even more serious than marijuana. In fact in many cases, drugs like heroin and cocaine are involved.

If you have been abusing drugs, professional drug rehab is the answer you’ve been looking for. During rehab, you will learn how to deal with life without turning to illicit substances, and you will also become prepared for life after rehab.

The Importance of Aftercare in Addiction Recovery

You’ll need to learn to take the things you learn in treatment with you. Learning post-rehab techniques will help you in the following ways.

  • You’ll be better prepared in case you meet temptation.
  • You’ll know how to deal with stress and anxiety without drugs or alcohol.
  • You’ll have a better idea of how nutrition and exercise play roles in your health.
  • You’ll know which people you may need to cut out of your life because they are negative influences.
  • You’ll see the great value in living a sober lifestyle.

You Are Not Alone in Your Addiction

Remember, you are not alone when it comes to addiction. At rehab, you will meet many others just like yourself. In fact, many of the therapists will be recovered addicts. Use your resources to get yourself into rehab as soon as possible, and connect with the people there. They will help you recover once and for all.

There’s No Need to Worry About Treatment Confidentiality

Drug and alcohol rehab is a seriously private matter, and it should be treated as such. If you are concerned about how much confidentiality you will have at a local treatment center in Fort Lee, you may want to consider traveling and going out of town for rehab. There, you will be away from the prying eyes of nearby neighbors, and you can concentrate fully on kicking your drug habit and getting better. You will also not have to worry about those you work or go to school with becoming involved in your personal life.

Many of those who struggle with drug abuse are unaware of treatment centers that are located in surrounding cities. There are often a plethora of options in other areas that surround your home, and in many cases, you will be able to find a rehab center that better fits your needs if you're willing to travel for treatment. You can learn more about these centers by calling our toll free number and speaking with one of our knowledgeable representative about your options concerning privacy in recovery and the possibility for travel.

Deciding on a Level of Care

To assist you in narrowing down your options for treatment, one of the first choices you should make is on your level of care. You will need to decide between outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. Many people who have children, job prospects or full blown or those who are in school choose to participate in outpatient care, but inpatient care has a better outlook for success in many ways as you will be constantly on campus focusing on your recovery.

Knowing How Long to Stay in Treatment

It can be difficult to know how long your stay in rehab should be. There are many factors that will make the difference for this critical decision. First, if you have been in rehab before, you may only require a short stay for additional treatment. Additionally, if you are abusing a highly addictive drug, you may require a longer stay as the detoxification process will be more involved, and therapy will be rigorous to get you to a sober state. We can help you make this decision.

Allow Us to Help You Find a Rehab Program

Are you tired of a life that is being ruined by addiction to drugs or alcohol? If you've had enough of this terrible disease, a top quality drug rehabilitation center can help you get back on your feet. Wouldn't it be nice to return to the life you want had? Not only that, but a great rehab program will also help you improve your life. With the counseling and therapy you’ll receive during your recovery, you’ll have the tools and advice you’ll need to start fresh. Begin as soon as possible by giving us a call and getting the wheels of recovery in motion.