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Choosing The Right Drug Rehab, Not Just The One You Saw On a Commercial

Finding the right drug rehabilitation center is a huge decision. The right center will help you on your road to recovery while the wrong one could put roadblocks in your path. Rather than just choosing a rehab center because they put a billboard up on the highway or ran an advertisement on television, you should take the time to think about choosing the one that will best suit your needs and situation. Your health care provider can help you find the right center and work with rehabilitation staff to ensure that your rehab is integrated with any other needed medical care.

Not Just Detox

A comprehensive rehab program includes detoxification, counseling, and aftercare. A good program offers both physical and psychological care through all phases of recovery. This process takes time. For most addicts, the full process may take three months or more. Completing rehabilitation is just the beginning of your lifelong process of recovery, which may need ongoing counseling and meetings.


Price is a major issue for most people, especially if your addiction has left you in a precarious financial situation. When you look at the cost of rehab, you need to factor in how your particular type of health insurance provides coverage and whether a given center is in-network or a preferred provider or not. When comparing prices, you need to pay attention to the total cost of a comprehensive program rather than just looking at short term detox costs. Quality matters as well.

Religious or Secular

There are as many different types of facility as there are types of addict. Some rehabilitation facilities are faith based and ideally suited for deeply religious addicts whose faith can help their journey to recovery. Some facilities cater to atheists and agnostics, avoiding any mention of faith or higher powers. Most facilities occupy a middle ground of allowing that a spiritual component can be an important part of recovery but being open to people of all faiths or no faith at all.

Inpatient or Outpatient

While inpatient programs are more intensive, allowing you to focus more exclusively on your recovery, and have lower relapse rates, they can be more expensive and are not always compatible with work and family obligations. Combined programs, beginning with an intensive inpatient detox and following up with outpatient care, are a good compromise for many addicts.

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