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Can You Get Addicted To Vicodin Even If It Is Prescribed By a Doctor?

When you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, many doctors prescribe Vicodin. This pain-relieving pill is stronger than over-the-counter products so that moderate to severe pain is manageable during recovery. However, Vicodin is extremely addictive because it’s derived from narcotics. In fact, it’s possible to become addicted to Vicodin even if it’s prescribed by a doctor.

Vicodin’s Brain Effects

The reason why Vicodin is so addictive is its mind-altering features. It’s a drug that’s derived from opium, and Vicodin is technically an opiate. These drugs alter the brain’s receptors to sense pain at a different level than before. Doctors appreciate these drugs because pain can be effectively managed after a surgery until the healing process is complete. However, long-term Vicodin use can permanently alter the brain’s cell communication, which results in addictive behaviors.

Taking More Pills Than Prescribed

As you recover from an injury, you might feel like the Vicodin amount you’re taking isn’t quite enough. In response, you take more pills than indicated on the bottle. It’s noted in the medical community that you can become immune to the effects of Vicodin as your body acclimates to the drug’s levels. Over time, you’ll need more Vicodin at any one time to feel the same effects as before. You’re addicted at this point in time.

Addiction Help in the Community

Millions of people suffer from Vicodin addiction every day so you’re not alone in your struggle. Most treatment facilities work with prescription medications and their adverse effects on society. Contact a facility and discuss your needs. Dealing with Vicodin addiction can’t be successful on your own. It’s important to have a strong team supporting your journey every step of the way. We can help you detox and work through recovery so that Vicodin is no longer a necessity in your life.

If you or a loved one has extra Vicodin pills leftover from a previous ailment, immediately discard them in an appropriate manner. Anyone who discovers these pills might be tempted to try them out. Many communities have prescription-pill centers where you can safely recycle them. Don’t let anyone else become addicted to these prescription medications by acting responsibly with your leftover pills.

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