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Can You Die from Mixing Xanax and Heroin?

Xanax is a medication that a physician prescribes for anxiety and panic disorders, but it is only recommended in small doses for short-term use to prevent dependence. Unfortunately, this medication is often abused and is also combined with other drugs, leading to dangerous consequences. The combination of Xanax and heroin can cause respiratory distress or cardiac arrest. If you are addicted to both of these drugs, then it is vital to seek professional help today.

What Type of Care is Available for Heroin and Xanax Addiction?

When one of our clients is addicted to more than one substance, we must prepare a dual-diagnosis treatment plan. The detoxification process from multiple drugs is more complex and may take longer. A recovering addict may struggle with more cravings after transitioning to a drug rehabilitation facility, but our counselors are ready to help.

Is Drug Abuse Treatment Private?

The counselors working in a rehabilitation facility are not permitted to discuss your treatment with anyone else unless you give permission. We also request that the other residents in a facility keep identities private.

Who Answers Questions about Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

Our intake counselors can answer your questions about dual-diagnosis treatment for heroin and Xanax addiction. During an initial interview, we request information about your addiction to help find the best substance abuse rehabilitation for your needs. You are welcome to ask additional questions throughout the admission and rehabilitation process.

How do Clients Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Our employees collect information about your employer-sponsored and privately purchased insurance plans to determine your co-payment amount. Many of our rehabilitation facilities have financing options that permit paying for treatment over a long period of time. We can also provide you with applications to apply for scholarships that help pay for treatment.

What Happens When Drug Rehabilitation Ends?

When a client is addicted to multiple drugs, a long-term program is required to prevent relapse. Overcoming a drug addiction is a lifelong process that requires attending 12-step meetings and counseling sessions. After leaving a 60 to 90 day residential program, you should transition to a sober house for additional treatment.

We Offer Help for Xanax and Heroin Addiction

Our counselors are ready to help clients overcome a Xanax and heroin addiction by finding the right rehabilitation facility as quickly as possible. To avoid becoming a statistic, call us today to begin treatment with caring counselors in a safe environment.

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