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Can I Still Drink Beer After I Get Off Drugs?

As a drug addict, you might think that drinking beer after rehabilitation is acceptable, but most counselors will tell you that it is not a good idea to continue consuming alcohol.

Types of Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

Our drug rehabilitation facilities offer treatments for co-occurring conditions, and in many cases, we find that clients have a problem with both alcohol and illegal drugs. When you choose to drink beer that contains alcohol, your judgment will decline, leading to also using illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine.

Is Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions Private?

All types of treatments in our rehabilitation facilities are private, and we only talk to the individuals who you put on a contact list. We do not call your employer, teachers or neighbors about your rehabilitation.

Questions about Drinking Alcohol while in Drug Rehabilitation

Our facilities will not permit consumption of any illegal substances or alcoholic beverages because we want our clients to learn how to live on a daily basis without drugs, and we provide tasty meals and beverages at mealtimes, so you will become accustomed to having a nutritious diet.

How to Pay for Co-Occurring Condition Treatments

Your insurance plan from an employer or privately purchased plan should pay for all or part of your drug rehabilitation. We can arrange for you to make co-payments after leaving a program. It is also possible to apply for government grants or scholarships to offset the cost of rehabilitation.

Where does a Recovering Addict Go after Treatment Ends?

We recommend that you enter an aftercare program for additional care after completing a co-occurring treatment program. An outpatient or sober living environment gives you a chance to transition back into real life while also having daily support from counselors.

Prepare for a New Life without Addictions

Our counselors can help you to build a new life that does not include drugs or alcohol. With 12-step meetings and one-on-one counseling, you will learn why you want to use beer or illegal substances to numb your feelings.

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