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Can I Go To Treatment in California If I Live In Oregon?

There are fantastic addiction treatment facilities in Oregon, but it is also possible for an Oregon resident to travel to California for their rehabilitation. Our goal is to help clients find the best rehabilitation facility for them, and if the most appropriate facility is located in California, then it is easy for an individual to travel from Oregon to begin treatment.

What are the Types of Addiction Programs Available in California?

California is a more populous state than Oregon, leading to more choices concerning drug and alcohol treatment facilities that are designed for specialized care. There are residential facilities, outpatient clinics and sober house environments that offer traditional, gender-specific or holistic treatments to clients who are addicted to one or more substances.

Is Addiction Treatment in California Private?

The rehabilitation facilities in California must adhere to federal guidelines concerning client confidentiality. The information about rehabilitation facilities that is mailed to clients in Oregon is sent in plain envelopes to keep treatment as private as possible, and we do not contact your employer or relatives about your stay.

Who Answers Questions about Treatment in California?

Anyone in Oregon who wants information about alcohol or drug rehabilitation in California can contact counselors with emails or toll-free telephone numbers. We know that addicts have numerous questions, but we are happy to supply the answers.

How do Clients Pay for Addiction Treatment in California?

Our business office staff will contact a client’s insurance carrier to determine co-payments, and we supply application materials for scholarships. In some cases, a client qualifies for a government grant to help pay for services.

What Happens after a Recovering Addict Completes Rehabilitation?

After a client from Oregon completes detoxification and rehabilitation at one of our California facilities, they can choose to enter a sober house or attend an outpatient clinic for aftercare treatment. Outpatient clinics and sober houses are located in California and Oregon, and clients can choose either state for additional therapy.

Call Today to Begin a New Life without Alcohol or Drugs

It doesn’t matter if an addict undergoes rehabilitation in Oregon or California as long as they are seeking help today. Taking illegal drugs or drinking too much alcohol is dangerous to your relationships and health, but we are ready to help an addict find the best rehabilitation facility for their needs.

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