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Can You Detox From Suboxone?

Suboxone is a prescription medication that is an opioid, and it is provided during the detox process. Rehabilitation facilities have physicians who prescribe this drug to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from other drugs such as heroin. Unfortunately, this drug is also addictive, and many substance abusers continue to take it, leading to a new form of addiction that requires treatment.

Types of Treatment for Suboxone Addiction

You can enter a detox program for a few weeks to reduce dependence on suboxone gradually. Rather than using medication during this  treatment, counselors can arrange other forms of therapy to eliminate the stress and anxiety caused by suboxone. We recommend soothing massages to relieve muscle tension and meditation to reduce racing thoughts as your body overcomes the effects of suboxone.

Is Detox from Suboxone Private?

All substance abuse treatment is private, and we only contact insurance providers to collect payment information. You can provide us the names of relatives or friends to communicate with, but we do not talk about clients to other individuals.

Who Answers Questions about Suboxone Addiction Treatment?

If you are interested in detoxing from suboxone, we suggest calling our counselors for information about the process. You may need to enroll in a specialty clinic that offers long-term treatment for this type of addiction. We know that clients addicted to suboxone have often been in rehabilitation before, leading to this type of addiction from their treatment. Relapses after recovery from substance abuse are common, and we have treatment plans available for this problem.

How Can You Pay for Detox?

We accept insurance coverage for detox and rehabilitation by contacting providers and accepting co-payments. You may also qualify for government medical grants or private scholarships to help pay for treatment.

What Happens after Detox?

After detox, we will transition you to a rehabilitation program that lasts from 30 to 90 days. During this time, you are immersed in daily group and one-on-one counseling to learn new behaviors to avoid a new relapse. You must also attend 12-step meetings with other residents at the rehabilitation facility.

We can help with Suboxone Addiction

If you are struggling with the devastating effects of an addiction to suboxone, then call us today to begin the process toward recovery. Our counselors are ready to collect your information to find the best suboxone detox and rehabilitation facility for your needs.

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