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Can Anyone Go to a Detox Center?

A detox center is a place where a person can go to separate himself or herself from the effects of drug or alcohol abuse. The detoxification center may provide additional services to individuals who need post-detox help. An example of some of the services that a detox center may have are individual therapy, group counseling, alternative therapies, nutritional assistance, vacation therapy, exercise therapy and the like. Thousands of rehabilitation centers and recovery centers exist in the world. In addition to varied services, they also have varied treatment methods and varied belief systems. Not everyone can enter a detoxification center. The person must first meet the following requirements:

Must Be Struggling With a Substance Abuse Problem

Detox is specifically for substance abuse problems. Other types of addictions may be just as painful, but they require a slightly different treatment program. A detox service provides a serene place where an addicted person can work the harmful chemicals out of his or her body. The person must have a true need for physical detoxification to enter a program.

Must Be 18 Years Old or Have Consent of a Parent

A patient or resident must be of legal age to admit himself or herself into a facility. If the person is not 18 years of age, then he or she must have parents sign a form that gives the detox facility permission to treat the child.

Must Be Able to Pay for Treatment

A patient must have some way to pay for the treatment. Examples of payment methods are cash, credit card, insurance policy, government benefits, government grants and third-party loans. Most detox facilities will not admit someone who does not have a way to pay. However, some organizations may have a charity fund of some kind that they can use to help someone.

We Can Get You the Right Fit

Our team of specialists can assist you with finding the perfect detox for you or your loved one. We specialize in listening to your needs and then using that comprehensive list of needs to find you the care that you truly deserve. All you have to do is take the first step toward wellness by contacting our agents and telling them that you want to detox. All of your information will be kept confidential by the team members as they work with you to ensure that you have a bright future.

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