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Beware of Addiction Treatment Patient Brokers and How To Spot Them

Addiction treatment assessments are critical to placing an addict in a situation that will provide the best chance for recovery. The assessment requires the skillful application of years of experience and knowledge gained by working closely with treatment providers, insurers, and state agencies. Some businesses offer to assist families with the difficult tasks of placement in treatment programs but do not have the necessary staff, experience, and qualifications. They are the patient brokers who make fees by referring patients to programs that pay them for the referrals. This practice is the opposite of what is needed, and it is a deception on the families that rely on these brokers.

A Vulnerable Time

Detecting drug addiction is a stressful period for all those involved. Drug and alcohol abuse expose the user to many severe risks and dangers. They risk permanent injury to health as well as involvement in risky conduct. Many families seek treatment for a member or loved one because of an emergency situation. These can involve an incident like an arrest or a tragic moment like a drug overdose. There may be complications with law enforcement and legal issues in the courts. In these stressful times, some people seek to take advantage of the high levels of concern and anxiety to step in and act as a broker for profit. These patient brokers do not work in the best interests of the family and the addicted individual.

Working for the Family

It is crucial that the referral sources abide by the code of ethics and give loyalty to the client and family. Addiction brokers can mislead clients because they may be loyal to someone or company that sponsors their activities. The assessments contribute to a successful placement, only if it is professional, neutral and fact-based. Brokers do not fairly represent the range of options available to the family, and this is crucial to finding the best chance for successful intake, detoxification, and treatment. The long-term recovery depends on getting treatment when the addict is ready and willing to start the difficult path to recovery.

Call a Qualified Source

When a loved one or family member decides to seek treatment, call us. We can help find the best fit for the addict and the addiction. Our well-qualified staff has years of experience working with the treatment program administrators, insurance companies, and state and local officials engaged in treatment and prevention. Our interest is only in helping the family. We help find the resources that meet the needs of the addict and address the overall circumstances of the addiction. Don’t delay, help your loved one get the treatment resources they need to succeed.

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