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Are There Holistic Ways to Detox from Heroin?

Some of our clients want to use holistic methods to detoxify from a heroin addiction rather than using traditional methods such as nonaddictive medications. Holistic treatments such as meditation, acupuncture and massages are a valuable way to augment medical interventions to heal the soul and mind in addition to the body. Our rehabilitation facilities can provide a nutritious diet and herbal remedies to help an addict overcome substance abuse.

Types of Care Available for Heroin Detoxification

The detox process is different for each individual in one of our facilities, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan for addicts undergoing rehabilitation for heroin addiction. For our clients interested in holistic treatments, there are facilities available to offer the types of services required, and if your symptoms become worse, then it is possible to request medication or other treatments.

Is an Addict’s Treatment Private?

We do not discuss a client’s treatment for substance abuse with anyone unless we are given permission. You might want us to talk to a spouse or parents about your condition, but we only do this with a written consent form. There are other residents in a heroin abuse clinic at the same time, and we ask everyone to protect each other’s privacy.

Can a Counselor Provide Answers to Questions Before Admittance to a Facility?

We try to answer all of your questions before admission in order for you to feel more comfortable. Our counselors know that clients are nervous about the detoxification process, and holistic treatments are a fantastic way to have a more relaxed attitude toward treatment.

How can Clients Afford Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

Our office employees will collect information about your insurance plans that are provided by employers, government agencies or through private payments. We often use a combination package of payments for your detoxification and rehabilitation.

Where Will a Client Go after Completing the Rehabilitation Program?

After your detoxification and rehabilitation, you should participate in aftercare in a sober house designed for recovering heroin addicts. If that is not possible, then we recommend additional outpatient treatment.

Call an Admission Counselor Today to Learn More about Holistic Treatment Options

There is no reason to wait to go through the detoxification process from heroin because holistic treatments make it easier than traditional treatments. Call an admission counselor today to find the best place for you to recover from an addiction to heroin.

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