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Are There Any Rehabs For Women That Have Kids?

Concern about who will watch their kids is a common obstacle that many women face once they decide to seek treatment for addiction. For many parents, it is not feasible to be separated for any length of time, and it is normal to worry about your child’s well being while you are away. Fortunately, drug rehabs are aware of the importance of family, and they will do everything they can to reinforce family bonds while you work toward recovery.

Family Treatment Centers

Mothers who prefer to keep their kids with them during recovery can choose to attend a family-based center that allows children to stay. It is important to note that the policies concerning bringing your kids can vary from one rehab to another. Usually, children will be required to be within a certain age range, and you must be their custodial parent. At these types of programs, children typically spend their day doing supervised activities or attending school while you receive care. In the evening, you will be reunited for meals, recreation and bedtime.

Alternative Options

If you find that a residential family facility does not fit your lifestyle, then it is good to know that you still have options. Many outpatient rehabs offer on-site childcare that can enable you to still work toward recovery. Additionally, trusted family members may be willing to help watch your children during your treatment.

Benefits of Family-Focused Treatment

At any rehab you choose, there should be a strong focus on healing the entire family from the wounds caused by addiction. Depending upon the ages of your kids, they may be involved in group or individual counseling sessions that can help your whole family find positive coping skills during times of stress. If you have young children, then having them with you at rehab can also allow you to keep a routine so that your transition home will be less stressful.

In every family, the bond between a parent and their kids is special, and it is normal to be worried about a possible separation. While some moms prefer to attend rehab alone, others need to know that their kids are close by. It is important to note that either arrangement is perfectly fine as long as it helps with recovery. By making the decision to seek treatment, you are setting a strong example for your kids that any obstacle can be overcome with determination.

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