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Are All Rehabs a Lockdown? Or Can You Leave When You Want?

If you’ve decided that you will receive help at a rehab center, you may be wondering about the rules of the residency program. Your interest in receiving the full benefits of a rehab program is a good choice to aid in your drug addiction recovery. While rehab centers are ready to accept your entry, and the staff are willing to help you in every way that they possibly can, there are some rules you must abide by if you’re admitted into a residency program.

Rehab Residency Rules

Entering a rehab center can be overwhelming because you will be introduced to your treatment plan instructions and a new schedule. Your rehab schedule may consist of counseling sessions, meal times, treatment therapy, chore duty, and social activities. Housing rules may vary and is based on the decisions of the facility’s management staff. However, these rules are not meant to confine you like a prison, but rather to provide a structured environment that cultivates discipline in order to sustain sobriety. Most center guidelines will often include no use of alcohol or drugs and no violence with other residents.

Some rehab centers permit residents to presume with their school and work schedules. However, curfews are generally set to increase premise control to deter the distractions of factors that are likely to contribute to your drug addiction. When you begin your program, you will be informed about the facility’s check-in time deadline. For example, if you exit the premises and do not return before curfew time, you may not be able to get inside the building. If these rules are violated, you may have to pay a fine or your service costs may increase.

Changing Your Perspective

You may not be used to following strict rules or a structured personal schedule, but your willingness to abide by a rehab center’s rules will demonstrate how serious you are about your recovery. A rehab center’s rules should not be considered as a lockdown, but rather as a set up to increase your ability to thrive in society as a productive citizen. Your journey to recovery will require some sacrifices on your part, but it is worth giving it a try in order to help save your life.

If you have a loved one who is hesitant about entering a residency program, you can assure him or her that the restrictions are not meant to prevent freedom from the outside world, but are established to help your loved one focus on getting better. When you enter an environment that is designed to help addicts, you can expect rules and consequences. A rehab center must enforce guidelines to ensure your protection and well-being.

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