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Are All Drug Treatment Centers Like a Hospital?

The detox room in a rehabilitation facility is often similar to a hospital environment in order to provide nonaddictive medications and comforting therapies, but a rehabilitation facility is not like a hospital.

There is a Variety of Rehabilitation Facility Environments

There are many different types of rehabilitation facilities that are designed to meet the needs of clients requiring a long-term treatment program. Facilities are designed for comfort during a client’s stay and often have beautiful common rooms for 12-step meetings. There are also workout rooms for exercising and study areas with computers for job searching.

Can Recovering Addicts have Private Rooms?

There are rehabilitation facilities that offer private rooms for clients instead of roommate environments. These rooms have twin-size beds, comfortable bedding and basic amenities. A client may have access to a private bathroom or share a bathroom with other residents.

Who Answers Questions about Treatment?

When you contact us for an initial interview about rehabilitation services, our counselors can answer questions about the different types of facilities available. After entering a detoxification program for three days, you will have more opportunities to ask questions about an individualized treatment plan and the most appropriate facility for your needs.

How do Recovering Addicts Pay for Rehabilitation?

Most of our clients pay for substance abuse rehabilitation with a combination of insurance reimbursements that include privately purchased and employer provided plans. There are also scholarships available that have been provided by donors who believe in professional substance abuse treatment. In some cases, our employees are also able to find government-funded sources to assist with paying for your treatment.

What Help is Available after Leaving a Facility?

Our clients are frequently concerned about a relapse after leaving a substance abuse facility, but we transition you to an outpatient program or sober house to continue treatment under the supervision of counselors. This is a good way for you to plan a move to a new neighborhood or seek a different job away from the influence of other drug addicts.

Call for Assistance Today to Begin Treatment as Quickly as Possible

Now that you know what a welcoming and comfortable environment a rehabilitation facility is for recovering addicts, feel free to contact us to find a place that suits your needs. The road to overcoming addiction begins today by talking to one of our intake counselors in order to begin treatment as quickly as possible.

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