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Is There Anything I Can Do To Prevent My Son From Becoming a Drug Addict?

As children grow into teenagers, parent’s worries shift from ‘they could fall and get hurt’ to ‘they may get into drugs’. Their worry is well justified especially in this age when everything is out there for the world to see, and drugs are sold like sweets on the streets. Preventing a drug addiction is normally cheaper than treating it. Parents should prepare early to give the ‘drugs talk’ and they should not wait till adolescent years, as it may be too late. This is because research has shown that many teen addicts started experimenting with drugs as early as nine years old. It is therefore important that the topic on drugs comes up as early as five or six years. It may start with simple warnings on drug abuse and as the child grows, the topic could widen to make the child understand why drug abuse is dangerous. Some of the things a parent can do to prevent addiction in their child include;

Being Supportive

Children see their parents as their heroes and even if they will never say it, they always seek approval from their parents on everything they do. It is the parent’s duty to support all the positive things in their children’s life such as good grades, sports or hobbies. By noticing the positives, the concept of positive behavior in your son is reinforced. The overall result is that your son will stick to positivity and warnings against drugs will be heeded.

Teaching Your Son The Consequences of Drugs

In most cases, a stern warning against something arouses curiosity. Plainly telling your child not to take alcohol or use drugs will most likely make them want to know why they are being told not to. The secret to keeping them away from drugs is telling them why they should not take drugs by spelling out to them the risks associated with using drugs. This way, they will keep away from drugs knowing exactly why they are doing so.

Not Assuming

Just because you come from a well-mannered lineage, do not assume that your child would automatically follow in the family’s footsteps. When a parent assumes, they fail to be involved in their child’s life hence leaving the child at a high risk of being introduced into drugs and being an addict. Teenagers are the most vulnerable due to peer pressure. It is hence the parent’s duty to keep an eye on their young ones and ensure they do take up drug abuse.

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