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Am I an Alcoholic

Determining whether or not you are an alcoholic is a task that can be accomplished under the supervision of a trained professional only. However, asking yourself these questions can help you to determine if you may suffer from alcoholism.

Do I physically feel the need to drink on a regular basis?

When you are struggling with alcoholism, you often have a physical addiction to the substance. That means your body feels compelled to drink. It is not just something that you want; it is something that you need, and you don’t feel as though you’re properly functioning without it.

Do I experience withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have alcohol?

Having a mild hangover is not necessarily a sign of alcoholism. However, if your body constantly feels terrible when you don’t have alcohol in it, then you are undergoing more serious withdrawal symptoms. Chances are, you probably drink more to prevent your body from experiencing those exact withdrawal symptoms.

Do I become physically abusive when I drink?

When you are sober, the thought of causing physical pain to another person is too much for you to deal with. However, once you have a few drinks in, you develop a rather pugnacious attitude. In fact, you may have physically attacked your spouse or children while intoxicated. Even just one instance of this behavior is too much.

Do I become mentally and emotionally abusive after I drink?

Abuse comes in all different forms, and you may say that you don’t engage in abuse because you never actually have touched someone. However, you can hurt people mentally and emotionally too. When you consume alcohol, you may find that you lash out at your loved ones.

Have I neglected major responsibilities because I drink?

If you forgot to pay a bill once five years ago because you slept in due to a hangover, that doesn’t mean you have a problem. However if you are skipping work, cutting class or forgetting to pick your kids up because you are drunk, then a deeper issue lurks beneath the surface.

Am I struggling with my finances because of my drinking?

In order to drink, you need to spend money. The more money you spend on alcohol, the less you have for your other obligations. If you find that you are constantly struggling to pay bills because you blew the money on alcohol, then you likely have a problem.

Are people always telling me that I have a problem?

Your relatives and friends are not just arbitrarily telling you that you have a problem with alcohol for the fun of it. They are saying that because they are concerned about your well-being. Listen to them and accept their offers of help the next time they mention it.

Do I drive drunk?

One of the worst things that you can do is get behind the wheel of a car when you are intoxicated. Yet if you are continuously doing it, a reason must exist. That reason is probably due to the fact that you cannot be trusted to avoid drinking for a night. If you need to drink so badly that you’re putting your life at risk, then you likely have a problem.

Am I constantly getting cut off at bars and parties?

Once again, you should pay some attention to the signs that people around you are giving you. When the bartender is always telling you that you can’t have any more drinks at the bar and your friends are hiding the liquor when you’re around, that’s a sign that you may be an alcoholic.

Do I drink when I am upset about a situation?

Alcohol is not meant to make you feel better, yet so many people choose to use it as medicine. If every single time that you are upset you find yourself reaching for a drink of alcohol, the time may have come to explore some healthier alternatives.

Has my tolerance for alcohol significantly risen?

The tolerance that you have for alcohol is likely going to fluctuate to some degree over the course of your life. In fact, many people have a lower tolerance as they grow older. That’s why you may be headed in the wrong direction if you notice that your personal tolerance is just getting higher and higher. In fact, you may barely feel intoxicated any more when you drink.

Does your life revolve around alcohol?

Most people like to have a few drinks when they go to a wedding or when they are hanging out in the backyard on a warm afternoon. However, you should not constantly need alcohol to enjoy social engagements. You may find yourself asking your friends if alcohol will be at an event before you accept an invitation to attend it.

Have you stolen money to purchase alcohol?

When you find that your bank account is low, that doesn’t mean your desire for alcohol is satiated. In fact, you may have stolen money from a loved one to purchase the alcohol. Even if you eventually confessed to what you did, you still took the time to steal money from a person whom you love, and that is indicative of an issue.

Have I stolen alcohol?

Stealing is something that people do when they feel as though they desperately need something. A desperate need for alcohol is a sure sign of a problem. It doesn’t matter if you stole the alcohol from a person whom you know or from a store. You still stole it either way.

Do you sneak in some extra drinks?

If you are an alcoholic, you probably do drink with other people around. Yet you don’t want them to know the extent of your drinking. You might grab an extra drink and sneak it into the bathroom or the backyard to guzzle it down before anyone else sees. That means you know you have something to hide.

Do I black out from drinking?

Many people have a story from back when they were younger that involves a blackout from alcohol. That doesn’t mean these situations are good, but it does mean they can happen without the person being an alcoholic. Yet you need to consider if this issue has happened recently or if blackouts have become a regular occurrence in your life. These black outs are dangerous for your being and for your health.

Do I engage in risky behavior?

When you are intoxicated, your inhibitions are lowered, and constant lowering of your inhibitions can lead to some seriously negative choices with even worse consequences. Consider how much of your safety you are risking by continuing to engage in these behaviors.

Are you unable to function socially if alcohol isn’t around?

A lack of alcohol is something that you should be able to deal with. However, when you are suffering from alcoholism, you may feel as though you cannot be yourself if alcoholic beverages aren’t available. That is a sure sign that alcohol is deeply embedded into your sense of self.

Have you ever gone into work intoxicated?

When you are willing to take such a huge risk with your job, that is a sign that you likely have a serious problem. In the event that you go into work while drunk, you take a huge risk that you will be fired on that very day.

Do my children seem frightened when I drink?

Even if you think your kids are too young to know what is going on, children can prove quite perceptive. Take note as how your children act when you open up a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine. If they do their best to stay away from you, you should seriously consider seeking assistance.

Has my spouse left me because of my drinking?

For drinking to break up a relationship, it usually has to be severe. Not only might your spouse have left you, but he or she could also be going for full custody of the children due to your negative drinking habits.

Have I ever hallucinated?

Alcohol can have a powerful effect on your mind, and when you are drinking too much of it, you may actually hallucinate. These hallucinations can lead you to act or speak in ways that you normally would not.

Does alcoholism run in my family?

When it comes to alcoholism, you absolutely need to know your family history. This disease is one that can be passed from generation to generation.

Do I always have to be the first one to start drinking and the last one to stop?

If you feel as though you always need to be drinking long before and after the others, that may be a sure sign that you are an alcoholic.

Do I feel as though I am an alcoholic?

The very fact that you are taking this quiz and asking yourself this question may be a sign that you are in need of professional assistance.