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Am I an Addict

You may be wondering if you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You may be wondering about a different type of addiction. The “Am I an Addict?” quiz can help you to determine whether you need to take steps to recover or help a loved one to recover. The following are 25 questions that you can ask yourself. You must be honest in your answers and not deny any truth that may exist. If you answer “Yes” to five or more of the questions, then you may want to consider contacting one of our specialists for a consultation and a point in the appropriate direction:

Do I Use Drugs or Alcohol Frequently or Routinely?

Routine or frequent use of drugs or alcohol indicates a possible addiction. An example of what one would consider routine use is an alcoholic beverage first thing in the morning or every night after wok. One may consider weekly or daily drug use to be routine or frequent, as well.

Do I Think About Drugs or Alcohol Constantly?

Drug-addicted persons usually carry the thought of drugs or alcohol in their heads frequently. The brain manufactures repetitive thoughts of the reward system jolt that occurs, and those thoughts entice an addicted person to seek the pleasure that comes from the reward system. You may be an addict if you find yourself thinking about drugs or alcohol use frequently.

How Often Do I Miss Work or School Because of Drugs or Alcohol?

Missing work or school to do a drug or drink alcohol is a huge sign of a drug addiction. It shows that drugs are the most important priority in a person’s life. If you have skipped school or work for drugs even once, you may have a problem with a drug addiction.

Is Any of My Relatives or Ancestors a Drug Abuser?

The tendency to develop drug or alcohol addiction can pass from generation to generation. Therefore, you could be a candidate for addictive behaviors if you have relatives who are drug abusers.

Have I Been in Trouble With the Law Because of Drugs or Alcohol?

Addicted persons sometimes perform criminal acts such as stealing to obtain drugs. A criminal record that pertains to drug seeking may point to a drug addiction on your part.

Is My Personal Hygiene Slipping?

Decreasing personal hygiene is a common trait of a person who has a drug addiction. Such a person may stop brushing the teeth, combing the hair, changing the clothes or even bathing. You may be an addict if your hygiene has deteriorated because you find yourself too busy seeking drugs or drink.

Am I Neglecting House Chores?

Your house may become untidy if you become too consumed with drug and alcohol use. The change in your tidiness may be obvious to your friends or family members, and they may comment on it.

Am I Ignoring My Spouse, Children or Mate?

If your priorities have shifted from family to seeking satisfaction, then you may have a drug addiction. Look for signs that you are ignoring your children. You may notice resentment or anger from them.

Are My Family Relationships Failing?

Family ties and friendships tend to go awry when drugs and alcohol are part of the equation. If you find that your friends are backing away from you, then you may want to think about your recent behaviors.

How Long Does My Money Last?

Drug-addicted persons tend to spend their money as soon as they get it. Some badly addicted persons may take loans that they cannot repay, thus causing their money to be gone before they get it. You may be an addict if your money disappears before payday ends.

Do I Have to Ask My Friends and Family Members for Loans?

Drug-addicted persons sometimes ask their family members and friends for money frequently because of the situation stated in question 10. If you find yourself constantly going to your loved ones for money, then you may have a drug addiction.

Do I Stay up Late?

Drug-addicted persons have odd sleeping hours because of the effects that certain drugs have on their systems. Cocaine and crack can cause a person to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. Heroin may cause someone to sleep in the middle of the day. If your sleeping routine is strange because of drinking or drugs, then you may need intervention.

Do I Wake up Late?

Many drug-addicted persons wake up late because of the sheer fatigue that drug use puts on their bodies. Normal wake-up hours range from 5 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. You may want to review your habits if you find yourself waking up past noon on a weekday.

Have I Lost Pleasure in the Things I used to Enjoy?

Drug-seeking activities quickly replace the activities that people used to enjoy before they became caught up in the illness. Have you abandoned activities such as movie watching, restaurant dining and quality family fun for drug or alcohol use? You may have an addiction if the answer is “Yes.

Do Most or All of My Friends Do Drugs or Drink Alcohol?

An addicted person’s circle of friends usually changes once he or she develops a dependency. Do you find that all of your friends share a common goal of seeking drugs? Do you notice that your other friends are gone or that you no longer have anything in common with them? Those could be signs that you are an addict.

Is Getting High My Top Priority?

Addictions cause people to change their priorities. They sometimes put drugs and alcohol on the top of the list instead of family, work or the higher power.

Do I Feel Sick When I Do Not Drink or Do Drugs?

Drug addicts experience painful withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs for a certain amount of time. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, diarrhea, restless leg syndrome, irritability and depression. You may be addicted to drugs if you feel emotionally, psychologically or physically sick when you do not have your daily dose.

Have I Lost My Appetite?

Under-eating and weight loss are two signs of drug addiction. Extreme weight loss is highly common in people who use drugs that jolt the cardiovascular system. Examples of such drugs are cocaine, crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

Have I Gained a Massive Amount of Weight?

Drugs that could cause a massive amount of weight gain are marijuana and heroin. Marijuana causes some people to eat more than usual and then go to sleep. Heroin causes people to fall asleep. Both activities can bring forth weight gain.

Do I Have Mood Swings?

Frequent mood swings are a sign of drug addiction. An addicted person can go through a range of emotions depending on whether he or she has the drugs in the system. For example, depression may set in when the effects of cocaine fade. Elation or giddiness may occur in an alcohol-addicted person until the blood alcohol level goes over the threshold. The giddiness may turn to anger.

Do I Isolate Myself From Others?

Drug addicts tend to isolate themselves from others without realizing it. Some isolation happens because of the person focuses completely on taking drugs. Hours pass before the person realizes it. If you find yourself in that situation, you may consider seeking help for addiction.

Do I Get Angry When People Mention Addiction?

The truth hurts sometimes, and addicted people often deny their problems through angry responses. You may have an addiction if the subject matter disturbs you. However, you should understand that all people are imperfect, and anyone can develop an addiction.

Do My Friends and Family Members Think I’m On Drugs?

A tell-tale sign of most drug addicts is that their family members and friends suspect them of being such. Outsiders can sometimes see more clearly than insiders can see. You might want to listen to your family members if they think you have an addiction.

Do I Feel Worthless?

Depression often sets in as a person realizes that he or she is throwing precious life away to feed an addiction. You may be a drug addict if you feel that way. The positive side is that you can rectify it today.

Have I Suffered From Abuse or Childhood Trauma?

Childhood and adult abuse sometimes trigger addictive behaviors. The behaviors sometimes mask the pain that the victims feel. You may be coping with your trauma in an unhealthy fashion. If so, you can learn healthy habits now.

The goal of an addiction recovery facility is to help you work your way through maladaptive behaviors. You should contact a rehabilitation facility if you answered “Yes” to any of the quiz questions. A team of specialists can help you recover immediately.