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9 Things About Rehab Everyone Thinks are True

Many people already have a notion of what drub rehabs do – they rehabilitate people so t hey don’t suffer from their addiction any more. While this is the goal, there are many things that people think are true about drub rehab and the centers that use it to help people addicted to drugs and alcohol but are false.

Myth 1: Rehab will solve the problem of addiction

The truth: Rehab can help solve the problem of alcoholism or addiction but it won’t completely cure a person. It just gives them a clean start away from temptations that can interfere with getting sober and starting fresh.

Myth 2: Rehab is horrible

The truth: Rehab isn’t horrible, but during detox, a person can feel absolutely terrible, depending on their drug of choice. Detox from any drug or alcohol, no matter where the person is at, can be uncomfortable.

Myth 3: Rehab is a mini-vacation

The truth: Rehab is nothing like a mini-vacation, and in reality, it’s a lot of work. People going through a rehab clinic need to follow rules, attend meetings, listen to what feels like lectures, eat when they are told to, get along with strangers, and earn privileges like phone and TV.

Myth 4: Rehab is cheap

The truth: Rehab is very expensive. The staff, overhead, food, medicines, medical care, and many other things need to be paid for. With an average stay lasting about four weeks, things add up quickly. If the person works toward their goals and can stay clean, then rehab can end up paying for itself, plus the person will have better health, better relationships, and a better outlook. Because there are no guarantees in rehab, it’s important to back intentions with actions that lead to sobriety.

Myth 5: All rehab is the same

The truth: Rehab centers vary a great deal from one to the next. Success rates are difficult to determine because not all relapses are reported, and some may not happen for years, until a crisis occurs. Some use only the 12-step program’s guidelines while other rehabs use a more holistic approach.

Myth 6: Rehab is only for the weak

The truth: Rehab is for those who want to get sober. They receive guidance in rehab, and a structured living arrangement, but they are the ones who have to do the actual work. Nobody can do this for them. Someone going to rehab isn’t weak; they’re smart enough to know they need guidance.

Myth 7: If someone finds out about a rehab stay, it could cost someone their job

The truth: Going to rehab is actually often covered, at least in part, by many employers’ insurance plans. Addiction is covered under the ADA, and unless a person’s addiction interferes with them being able to fulfill their work duties, they cannot be legally fired. Going into rehab shows employers that a person wants to gain control over their lives, and it’s not seen as an irresponsible activity.

Myth 8: Rehab means you’ll have to start being selfish and self-centered

The truth: People who are going through rehab and then recovery will have a better chance of long-term recovery if they help others. This isn’t limited to others going through recovery. Helping others should include everyone from the little old lady who dropped her keys to the little boy trying to hold a door open so he can enter somewhere. Helping others gives you a boost of endorphines, which can be a great way to feel powerful and confident. Power and confidence help people realize that their decisions matter, and can help them keep making the decision to stay sober.

Myth 9: Rehab means you can’t have fun any more

The truth: You can always have fun. You just need to realize that drugs and alcohol aren’t needed. Life is full of different things that you can do. Sports, swimming, rafting, fishing, playing a game of basketball on the court, or restarting an old hobby you enjoyed before you started using. You can define what is fun now, in your new life.

Just like many other things, there are many misconceptions about rehab. Finding out the specifics of any rehab center or clinic can be done by visiting their website, asking questions, and asking those you meet at addiction and recovery meetings for recommendations.

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