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7 Addiction Recovery Apps You Should Download Now

Cell phone owners make the claim that an app exists for everything. It is true that an application exists for everything, including addiction recovery. The following are seven applications that can help a person through the process of addiction recovery:

  1. Sober Tool

Sober Tool is an iPhone application that is geared toward preventing relapse. The application supplies the person with a daily piece of written material to read. The written material provides the person with information about common relapse thoughts and feelings. It explains how the addicted person can fight against those feelings. The app is free.

  1. Quit Now

The Quit Now application is a simple application that keeps track of quit days. It counts the days that a person has succeeded without smoking, doing drugs or drinking alcohol. It is free, and it is for Android devices.

  1. Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an application for Android that helps recovering addicts to find people in their area for support. Having a close support system is crucial for effective recovery. Sober Grid allows users to find other people who are going through similar experiences so that they can provide immediate assistance.

  1. iRecovery

The iRecovery app is for iPhones and like devices. It tracks the user’s progress as he or she moves through the stages of recovery. The user can plan and keep track of meetings, write in a journal or just keep track of how long he or she has been sober.


The application is one that a person can use for motivation and accountability. It helps the person keep goals and stick to them. It is free, and either iPhone or Android users can download it for themselves.

  1. My Daily Journal

Journal writing is an important part of addiction recovery. A person should always write about his or her feelings on a daily basis. It helps to give tangible proof of progress, and it also lets a person see when they are having challenging days.

  1. 12 Steps AA Companion

The 12 Steps AA Companion is an app for a person who cannot make it to a meeting. It provides a carry-around version of the program that has helped millions of people to overcome addiction.

A recovering addict can succeed by using any of the above mentioned applications. A person can also get connected to a reliable rehabilitation facility by calling our specialist. They will help the individual to look for a reliable firm.

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