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4 Things About Drug Rehabs Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know

Accepting that your child has a problem with drugs or alcohol can be one of the toughest things you have to do as a parent, and deciding whether or not to send them to rehab is the next step toward helping them recover. As you weigh your options, you will likely experience some resistance from your teen who may claim that they prefer to address their addiction from the comfort of their home. While it may be tempting to believe them, you should also be aware of these four things that kids don’t want their parents to know about rehab.

Getting Away From Home Helped

Going to rehab can be scary for kids who have never spent much time away from home. Yet, once they arrive at their treatment program, most kids begin to experience a positive transformation. This can be attributed to separating them from current negative influences. At rehab, kids cannot contact their neighborhood friends who may encourage them to keep doing drugs, and they have a break from many of the everyday stresses that contribute to their addiction.

The Peer Support Was Positive

One of the biggest concerns parents have about rehab is the possibility that their child will interact with other kids who may teach them bad habits. While this concern is a valid one, the truth is that most kids find it helpful to talk to their peers who struggle with addiction. Throughout the program, kids are provided with positive opportunities to share their experiences while supporting each other’s recovery. In fact, kids often report that rehab was the first place they felt safe admitting that they had a problem with drugs or alcohol.

The Structure Was Comforting

The media often portrays teen rehab programs as strict military-style camps where kids are exposed to demeaning messages meant to break them down, and your child may try to tell you that the program they are in is harsh. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of teen rehabs focus on providing structure to the day with schedules and simple chores such as having patients do their personal laundry. After living through the turmoil of addiction, most teens find knowing what to expect each day comforting.

Your Involvement Is Critical

Kids are notorious for making it appear as though they do not need their parents. They may claim they don’t want you to come to meetings, or they wish you would just give up. However, family involvement is one of the most important factors for a kid’s long-term recovery. We know that making that first step can be difficult as a parent. If you are ready to embark on the journey of recovery with your child, then let us help you today.

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