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18 Facts About Drug Addiction That Will Keep You Up at Night

You may think you know everything about drug and alcohol addiction. However, these 18 scary facts about addiction are so shocking that they will keep you up at night.

  1. Studies show that many addicts began using drugs as early as age 13.
  2. These same studies report that alcohol abuse in children can start as early as fourth grade.
  3. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the world.
  4. Alcohol abuse accounts for more than 50 percent of all suicides throughout the world.
  5. Drug and alcohol addiction is the leading cause of death among people ages 18 to 24.
  6. 60 percent of all emergency room admissions in the U.S. stems from drug and alcohol addiction.
  7. 80 percent of all domestic violence cases in the U.S. can be tied directly to perpetrators and victims alike being addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  8. Drug and alcohol addiction accounts for more than 40 percent of all U.S. industrial accidents.
  9. 28 percent of all drug and alcohol addicts drop out of and never finish college.
  10. 60 percent of women who are afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or herpes say that they were drunk or high at the time of transmission.
  11. 40 percent of all colleges students in America say that they are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
  12. 95 percent of all cases of violence on college campuses is tied to drug and alcohol abuse.
  13. Alcoholism can cause malnutrition. Alcoholics can actually starve to death because of their addictions.
  14. Drug and alcohol addiction causes you to lose bone mass and puts you at risk for breaking bones later in life.
  15. Drug addiction kills cells in your brain and makes you more forgetful. You lose out on remembering special occasions or important dates.
  16. An addiction to drugs and alcohol causes you to suffer from impaired judgment and could lead you to take unnecessary and dangerous risks.
  17. Alcohol and drugs make you look much older than you really are. You also develop facial sores and lose hair because of your addiction.
  18. Studies show that 35 out of 36 alcoholics never get help for their addictions.

These surprising and scary facts about drug and alcohol addiction apply to all addicts, regardless of their gender, race, income level, and other factors. They show that addicts put themselves at a higher risk of premature death or becoming seriously and irreparably injured. When you want to save yourself or a loved one who is addicted from these frightening facts, you can get help by contacting a rehabilitation program in your area today. Rehab can put addicts on the path to a safer and healthier future.

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