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16 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Drug Rehabs

When you are dealing with addiction, rehabs are one of those things that you know about but you don’t necessarily want to hear about. There is also tons of conflicting information out there that can make it seem as though rehabs are just not worth the hype. After all, how can sitting around all day talking about your problems really help you conquer addiction? Well, get ready to be surprised. These 16 facts about rehabs may just turn your opinion completely around.

  1. Recovery Involves Multiple Phases

A common belief about rehab is that a person goes in with an addiction and leaves sober. While this is the main goal, recovery involves continued personal growth for a person to maintain sobriety for a lifetime.

  1. Not Every Person is On Lock-Down

Laws govern a person’s ability to be placed in a rehab program, and most stays are considered to be “at-will.” This means that unless a person is mandated to attend rehab by the courts, they are allowed to leave anytime they choose.

  1. Employers Cannot Discriminate

Are you afraid to go to rehab because you believe you will lose your job? If so, look into the local employment laws as well as your company handbook. In most places, addiction is treated as a disability of which your employer cannot discriminate when it comes to hiring and firing.

  1. Religion Is Not Always Involved

Although some treatment programs focus on relying on a higher power, it is important to note that not all rehabs are the same. Agnostics and atheists need not be afraid that they will be inundated with religious practices during their stay.

  1. Schedules are Essential

After arriving at rehab, many people struggle for a few days with learning how to live on a schedule. While wake up times and planned activities may seem arbitrary, they all play a role in maintaining order while teaching valuable life skills.

  1. Rehabs Address Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana may have been legalized for specific purposes in certain states, yet it still remains an addictive substance. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that marijuana accounts for as much as 17% of all drug rehab admissions.

  1. Families Are Invited

During rehab, family therapy is often used to help mend broken relationships and help those dealing with addiction find constructive communication strategies.

  1. Rehabs Are for All Ages

Teens and younger kids often think that they are immune to having to go to rehab, yet lots of facilities exist with the capability of addressing the needs of younger residents.

  1. It Is Affordable

The high cost of health care often leads people to put off attending rehab, yet most programs are highly affordable and may be covered by health insurance or other types of assistance.

  1. There Will Be Chores

Becoming a productive member of society involves learning to care about one’s surroundings. General housekeeping and personal care duties may be assigned, but they will be simple.

  1. There Will Also Be Fun

From outdoor challenges to arts and crafts, rehabs make sure that every moment is filled with healthy activities that engage the body and mind.

  1. Withdrawal is Real

Drugs and alcohol create dependency within the body that can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms that are much more manageable with professional help.

  1. The Journey is Emotional

Often, people turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their emotions. As these chemicals leave your body, you will be forced to deal with emotions that are sometimes painful, but someone will be there to guide you through it all.

  1. The Environment Is Overwhelmingly Positive

Dealing with other people who are coping with addiction may seem like a never-ending loop of negativity, but peer support really does create a positive experience.

  1. You’ll Lose Your Old Friends

When you leave behind bad habits, there will be a few people who fail to support you, especially those who are still embroiled in a drug-fueled lifestyle. Over time, you will develop a new support system full of people who are happy living without drugs and alcohol.

  1. There Is Help Every Step of The Way

It really is true that the first step is the hardest, yet deciding to go to rehab will enable you to stop living a life that is out-of-control. Let us help you hear the truth about how rehab really works so that you can begin your recovery the right way.

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