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The decision to start researching drug and alcohol treatment facilities is a commendable one, and it's a choice that some people are simply unable to make. Yet it's very important that you don't get overwhelmed during this research process. If you do, you may feel frustrated and decide to give up on your search. Keep some tips in mind when figuring out which rehab program works for you, and think about the different options that you have. Narrowing your focus helps provide you with more direction.

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How To Choose The Best Rehab

Choose a Location

When you are opting for an outpatient program, you generally want to pick a place that is easily accessible to you. If the location involves dealing with a great deal of traffic or taking a long ride on a regular basis, you may find that you are quick to give up. On the other hand, you have more options when you're looking for an inpatient facility. Some people are open to literally anywhere that has the best care. Others prefer to stay closer to home so that they have the support of their relatives and friends.

Addictions can be very complex.  Often times involving environmental, genetics and behavioral elements.  A hallmark characteristic of addiction is the constant engagement of the reward stimuli, despite negative consequences.  Although first time use  is voluntary the addicts ability to abstain eventually becomes compromised.

Once we have come to the realization that we need treatment it's now time to decide which one is best for you.   At Trusted Treatment we will guide you through the decision making process.

Inpatient or Outpatient

Based on your specific needs and the severity of your addiction we will help you ascertain which is the best solution for you.  Our advisers are here for you to call at 877-906-9226.


  • Allows you to get away from environmental factors
  • Allows you to focus solely on your Sobriety/Clean time away from outside distractions
  • Puts you into a sheltered and structured environment with addiction specialists and with other clients that are focusing on recovery
  • Often times correlating to long term sobriety and clean times
  • Comprehensive care often times employing Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Motivational interviewing, family therapy and one on one counseling


  • Often times Outpatient is the continuation of care.  Once someone has completed a 30, 60 or 90 day program and has a working base of recovery.
  • Ongoing continued support for those needing help transitioning back into society and the demands of daily life
  • Clients who have a history of chronic relapse are not suitable for outpatient services.

Visitation Policies

Speaking of relatives and friends, you also want to find out what the visitation policies are at the facilities. That is not the most important part, but it does hold some significance. Chances are, receiving support from your family and friends, especially once who you assumed were finished with you and your behavior, is important during this process. Remember though, a policy that allows for interaction at any time might stifle your efforts to get healthy again. You need to focus on eliminating your addiction.

Specific to Your Addiction

You're going to find all different types of treatment facilities out there, and the way to get the best care is to choose one that specifically focuses on your individual addiction. For example, let's say that you are suffering from a heroine addiction. Selecting a facility that specifically has programs for heroin abusers is a smart idea. That is the best way to make sure you are receiving the most individualized care possible.

Recommendations from Other People

While your current group of peers may not be the best sources of advice in this matter if they are the ones encouraging you to keep up with your unhealthy habits, you can turn to other people for recommendations when it comes to rehabilitation. Hearing the positive experiences that other people have had in their rehab centers can inspire you to follow the same path. Also, you can learn about specific features of programs. Knowing that other individuals had a successful experience in the program can help guide to the right one for you.

Recommendations from Doctors, Counselors and Therapists

At the current time, you may be meeting with a counselor or therapist on a regular basis to discuss the issues that you are experiencing. Talk to them about programs that might be the right fit for you. Even if the two of you struggle to find exactly the right program, you can at least receive some direction. Just taking about your different options out loud to another individual can help you to make the right choice.

Relapse Prevention

Another element that you should look into when you're checking out different centers is how they combat relapse episodes. Once you are finished with your stay at the facility, you're going to return home and start returning to some of your normal activities. As a result, you may be tempted to relapse. Instead of waiting until then to think about this issue, consider the benefits of acting now. Find out if the program has halfway houses associated with it or if they offer continued outpatient counseling once you are finished. To take advantage of those services, you may need to live in the area.


Perhaps you are a person who has a tremendous faith in God or in other spiritual beings. If that is the case, then you can look into a rehabilitation program that is also faith-based. Knowing that you are surrounded by a community of believers can help to provide you with the necessary support to succeed in the program. On top of that, you also have a chance to strengthen your faith even more, and that can be very powerful to call upon when you are in times of need.

Other Elements to Consider

These factors are some of the things you can look at when picking out a suitable program, and you've also received some advice as to how to pick out the best program. You'll need to look at the cost of the program as well and find out if your insurance covers any of it. Calling to discover the price per day is important early on so that you don't fall in love with a program that is out of your means. Also, you should think about the duration of time that the program will take. Since recovery is of utmost importance, you will likely just need to sort out your schedule and make it work, but you'll want some advanced notice to get things in order.

Whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or both, you have started to take the time to look into different programs. Now that you know what elements to focus on and what some of the options are, you can make a better decision for yourself.